Monday, September 21, 2009

Fiber Festival

Yesterday was a perfect day to enjoy the Fiber Festival in Hemlock. My sister Jacqui, my niece Summer, Peter and I left around 9:00 and shopped the fairly large show till 2:00. Lucky Peter came along with us since my sister entered the wrong address into her GPS and we would have been god knows where missing out on the goodies! I came home with tons of roving and will probably kick myself later for not purchasing a few things too. I really wanted this rug hooking kit but I tend to over do it in the "I have to make this" department if you can believe that. So, I was demonstrating restraint. Not a fan of restraint.

The day wrapped up with a birthday celebration for my brother in law. We watched the Bill's actually win, played other fun games and had pizza all outdoors. Pete and I rode the motorcycle so we had a chilly but nice ride home.

What a great day it was. Now, its time I head to the shower and prepare for work!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It Felt Good

My felt and glass button pins where a hit! Anytime I make something new I like to make just a small quantity to see how it is recieved by you, the public. I was delighted to know that these fun to make pins where a great success. I'm currently making more to place in galleries and shops that carry my work and I will be placing some on my website too.

This week I'm laying low to recover from the weekend festival and to keep up with my back to work schedule. I plan to gradually build up tempo again later in the week and keep pace with my blogging and bead making.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Clothesline Festival

Aaahhhh, the first week of school is at an end but the festival weekend is just getting underway. No time to be tired now. I hope all my local friends will stop by the Clothesline Arts Festival at the Memorial Art Gallery and stop by my booth to say hello! I'm booth number 729...located in the front left corner of the gallery. I'm looking forward to all the fun and excitement! See you there :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Going to Cirque...

OMG! Finally. cirque de soleil is coming to Rochester! I've seen plenty of their shows.......on video that is. I'm a HUGH fan. Believe it or not when I was younger I was a contourtionist and was very flexible. I'm sure if cirque was around then I would have wanted to become part of their troop somehow. I've seen this particular show on video but I know real life will be so much better. I've purchased the best seats....we are right up front.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cute as Cupcakes

Here are a dozen of my cute cupcake beads. I'm making them into pendants and earrings for the upcoming show. They sold out for me at my last one. I'll show you what they look like once finished later this weekend.