Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday!

As you may know, I've been doing a bit of Art Journaling. I journal write daily but my current efforts are to bring a more artistic flare to my writing. I really see Art Journaling as two distinct and writing. I've focused mainly on the art end and have used my art to inspire my writing prompts.

To manage this addition to my currently hectic life, I'm going to really focus on the Art Journaling for a minimum of one day a week......Sundays. I'm sure there will be more 'cause I really like it, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Yesterday while drinking my morning coffee I started to sketch out ideas for beads. I typically don't do this and if I do, its usually on the back of a reciept or napkin or something like that. But yesterday I started with sketching out organic shapes that I had hoped to develop into beads....added a little watercolor and some thin decorative lines and ta dahhh! I really liked the process.

I couldn't stop there.....I took my sketchbook with me to the studio and created what I had drawn...

I kinda like this! I am typically a spontaneous bead maker where I just do what pops into my head. This planning out business could be a good thing for me....

This one is my favorite.

This is the other side. I like the others too but the lime green, although it didn't stand out when I was looking at it, seemed a bit seedie in the photographs.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Organic Style

Playing around with rather abstract shapes. Organic.

The front and back are each different.

Not so organic but I like the rounded edges and the "not so fussy" shape.

I've kinda got a thing for houses....probably influenced by my students. Childlike drawing is bad I'm a grown up and have to try extra hard to be like a kid.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats rubber, silver and glass?

Bangles! Love these bangles.

I like to wear them together. Make a nice sound as they move around on my wrist.

I might put them in my etsy shop later today.... Do you want one??

This toggle is in my shop now........hope someone will grab it:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


This year I plan on entering a number of art pieces to our local 6x6 art exhibit. This art exhibition is held yearly and is a fundraiser for Rochester Contemporary Gallery....but for some reason, I never do submit anything....procrastination I guess. Check out the link I've provided and who knows, you might like to join in too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yes, Beads!

I didn't make many yesterday but I DO love how these came out!

The organic shape reminds me of butterfly wings....abstractly.

Now, what to do with these lovelies? I don't know but I'm going to make more :)

I sure hope someone is reading this........sometimes I feel like an island and I'm the only one on I talking to myself again??!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art Journaling- Day 3

Smile. This is my prompt for both the art and the writing today. I created a cartoon like character of myself and then left space to do some writing. The video that shows my process is posted on my facebook page....I'd love for you to leave a comment.......I know there are a few people doing this Art Journaling journey with me and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So far I've really enjoyed the Art Journaling process. I was a bit intimidated with starting but now that I'm into Day 4 (I'm a day ahead of my posts) I am beginning to feel free-r in my approach. Tomorrows demonstration I think will show that.

Okay. I'm feeling a little guilty for not posting any jewelry/ bead work so I'm going to show a few things.....

I like enameling these days...........everyone is doing it :)

This is a bitty little lock I made.....awesome element for bracelets.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Art Journaling- Day 2

On to day 2! On this page I'm using the circle as my springboard and making a mandala. Circles or wonderful can see the colors I selected but certainly use the ones you are most attracted to.   As you can see, I've titled this page, The Circle of Life. The text is a passage from Black Elk, a Native American speaking about life being like a circle.

To create this page I used:
1. watercolor crayons
2. Pitt pens
3. Acrylic paint
4. Aqua pen
5. Oil Sticks or oil pastels

Because Blogger hasn't been allowing me to upload video for some reason, I've posted the videos on my facebook page. Also, please become a member of our Art Journaling Boot Camp flickr group. You can post you work there during the week and afterwards. This flickr group will stay up even after the bootcamp has ended.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Journaling- Day 1

Wow. The video part has taken much longer then I had anticipated but I DO have one to show. I have posted it on my facebook page and linked it here since Blogger was giving me a problem.... Thanks to my husband who helped me with the video and editing. He learns by reading, while I learn by doing.

 The title to my first journal page is, The Alphabet of Life-

The picture below is my finished page. I'm actually doing 2 is my "practice" book and the other is the one I use for my video or photographs. The text for this page is based on a sign I have on a wall in my living room titled, Alphabet of Life. It has great affirmations for each letter. I've used these and then added my own personal text too.

Here are the supplies that I used to make this page....I used stamps for the lettering and also for embellishing the background.

Here is the link to the newly started, Art Journaling Boot Camp flickr group.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Journal Boot Camp~ Get Set!

Hi Everyone....not sure who all will be taking this Art Journal journey with me but I'm excited to start!! As I have stated, I journal daily (write) but I really want to take my journaling efforts to a more artsy level where my approach is creative first and then on the text....A shift in journaling for me.  I can tell already that I will have many journals going at once to serve different purposes.....there are many types of journal approaches .........there is no wrong way here folks so don't get caught up in doing things the "right" way.

So, to be ready for Saturday morning, get yourself the following items:

1. A sketchbook. I really wanted to use my nice bound sketchbook but the paper is thin and really best suited for dry materials. So I am using a spiral bound mixed media sketchbook instead. I could use the nice one but my pages would soak thru and get wrinkled in what I expect to be some painterly processes.

2. Your favorite paints, markers, pens etc... I will do my best to list the products I have used on each page but always feel free to jump in and post what you've used or done.

3. Light tack masking tape. My first page will be an exploration in to Masking Tape so I figured you might want to get some ready.

Thats really it for now.....

I have a new video camera....much like a Flip but mine is called a Blogger. I would like to video tape myself working on these pages but might have resort to photographs occassionally. I'm going to try and be one day ahead too..............gosh, I sure hope I can pull this all off!

Tomorrow night I will set up a flickr group for anyone who wants to share their work. It will be an open, on going group where anyone can jump in at anytime.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Art Journaling Boot Camp- Feb. 19th thru Feb. 26th

Next week I am off work for Presidents Week! I love time off.....who doesn't right?! During this week off I will be offering here on my blog an Art Journaling Boot Camp. I journal daily already but wish to make my efforts more "artsy". So, I thought I'd post my journey and invite all of you to come with me.....if you'd like. I will have an Art Journaling flickr group that you can post your work on too. Its open to everyone and please spread the word.

I'll be doing a "preparation" post on Thursday, February 17th so you can be ready to go on Saturday! Who's in??

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not really NEW but IMPROVED!

I have been doing "bead mosaics" for years. They have always sold well but I don't make them often since I rely on my "cast offs" to make them. As part of my New Years plan, I decided to focus my attention on my mosaics and to make stuff from them while my "cast off" supply was at a high point.....

I will be showing these at a Spring Trunch Show so I don't want to spoil the grand surprize will just have to wait for that. But I will show you one of my boxes..

These boxes are great for storing any of your Bella Jewelry! They are for of a kind! If you are interested, I will have this available in my etsy shop later this week. My prices are always reasonable.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

3 beautiful Things

1. Snow Days. I just had an unexpected day off from work due to the snow earlier this week and this time to myself was a beautiful thing. Peaceful. Restful. Creative. I moved at my own pace, relaxed with coffee, and created some wonderful mosaics if I do say so myself :)

2. Young artists working with paper mache. Nothing better then to watch 7 year olds slowly create a fantastic 3-D animal mask out of paper mache. The mess, the discoveries and the excitement...the best!

3. Gratitude. Being grateful and having peers grateful for what you do is always a beautiful thing.  I recently had a second grade teacher recognize me at a staff meeting to compliment what I do. It was really much more but I won't get into it really put a smile on my face. The public acknowledgement of her gratitude in turn made me so very grateful for this recognition.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whack Your Head Wednesday

Think Like A Kid

# 17 A high school teacher drew a dot on the blackboard and asked the class what it was. "A chalk dot on the blackboard," was the only respone. "I'm surprised at you," the teacher said. "I did this exercise with a group of kindergartners and they thought of fifty different things it could be: a squashed bug, an owl's eye, a cow's head. They hand their imaginations in high gear." As Picasso put it, "Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up." What would a six year old see if he were looking at your project?