Sunday, August 31, 2008

And The Winner Is......

Peter did the honors late last night so here it goes.........drum roll...............The winner is Deb!! Congrats Deb!! Email me with your address and I'll get your surprise package out to you this week.

If I'm not to tired, I might have photos from todays adventures. If not, then on Monday :)
Enjoy your day........Be or Bead Happy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Day!

It was such a wonderful day. The weather was perfect and I had the whole day to spend with Pete. That doesn't happen often so I need to take advantage of it when I can. It started out early....around 6:30 with me (those are my feet) sitting in my Sky chair out on the porch. It was amazingly quiet and I was in bliss with my coffee and good book.

Around 10:30 Pete and I set out on the bike for a nice country ride to Skeneatlas

The ride there took about 2 hours and when we got there we ate lunch at the Blue Fin Grill overlooking Skeneatlas lake. Afterwards we walked the town and shopped....I was limited in what I could buy due to the bike thing...Darn it! I saw a few things I would have purchased and tons of garage sales along the way I would have stopped at....Oh, well

We got back on the bike and headed to MacKenzie Childs in Aurora. I haven't been to their studio in about 6 years. It had changed hands and was closed to the public for a while but reopened about 2 years was our first time back and was even better than before

We took the house tour (couldn't take pictures inside) and it was like inside Alice In Wonderlands house! Everything painted, patterned and simply beautiful. It sounds like it will become a bed and breakfast in the near future. Can't wait for that

Well, that was the day and What a Day it was! Hope you enjoyed the photos....tomorrow, more bike riding around the finger lakes for a Poker Run! I don't know if my butt can take another full day but I'll give it a good try! Peter pulled the winner...check in tomorrow morning to see who the lucky duck is :) Keep scrolling down to see all the pictures of the MacKenzie Childs estate!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Count Down Has Begun

I wasn't going to but I went in to school today to begin preparing my room for the school year ahead. YIKES. I'm not ready and my room isn't ready either. Loads of art supplies to unpack and put away, pictures to put up, and lesson plans to get prepared. The good thing is that I've been doing this for 13 going on 14 years and I know the ropes & what I need to do. After a few hours, the room began to come together ready for my wee friends to come create!! Its hard getting back to a structured schedule but after the first week, I'm back in the saddle.

As the fall approaches, so does my favorite holiday~ Halloween and Days of the Dead. Two totally different holidays. I just love halloween since you can dress up and become someone else. Cider, donuts and all those treats!! Love it!! Days of the Dead is really about remembering those who have passed on and to poke fun at death. Its really a wonderful holiday. Each year I have the second graders make sugar skulls, a traditional Mexican treat during this holiday. Soooooo, here are my Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull Beads.....I have bones in the kiln right now. I know these aren't for everyone but I LOVE them.

Today is the last day to post a comment & be entered into my surprise drawing!! If you left a comment everyday, your name is entered 5 times! I'll be pulling a name from my bowl tomorrow night.....I'll even include you if you post a comment tomorrow before I pull the name :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bunch of Hearts

A Bunch of Hearts
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Hmmmm, now I need to do something with these. Pendants, of course, but some may become part of necklaces. Do you have a fav??....I have mine. I like the one in the center...turquoise wings, double blue heart and dots.

Young & Young at Heart

This morning I shared some time with my beautiful niece, Shelby. Its hard grabbing time with a teenager. I remember back was all about friends and good times. So, who can blame her that THAT is what she is about. I am especially connected to Shelby since I was in the delivery room with my sister when Shelby was born. What a miracle. It makes me feel like Shelby's mine as well as my sisters.....

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'll say it now....I hate my picture being taken. I guess pictures make me realize that I am actually getting older (Not Old however!) & I hate that. I'm young at heart. I suppose nothing changes....the young, Shelby, and the young at heart, (Me), both had a horrible time getting a photo that we liked of ourselves. Against, my better judgement, I'll show you just two of the many we took. By the looks of us, it would have seemed we were on a photo shoot of some sort!! Vanity never leaves us I guess.

I have some hearts to share also. I'm going out now to clean them and then take a quick picture to post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunny Amphoras

Sunny Amphoras
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I made these into bubble bottles and they were a hit at last weeks show. I made a tiny wand and filled with bubble water......tiny bubbles!

My Exciting News is.....

As I mentioned, on Saturday night there was an artist party after the show. At 5:30 all the vendors strolled upto the mansion where a catered party was waiting for us. Wegmans, the supreme grocery store in our area, catered the event with new items they will be including at Tastings, their resturante, and on the food bars. A brewery and winery's were there also for those who drink. It was a wonderful ending to a very hot and long day.

Then the directory of the event spotlighted 5 "budding artists" as they were called....young people who displayed their work in a general Artist Tent.....The Arena Group is a group of artists who gather weekly and have showings....this is where the budding artists displayed their work. The director announced that each artist won a certificate & poster and one of them won a cash prize too. It was so nice for them.

Then came the awards for the vendors. During the day several judges came through the booths to look at work. You don't ever know what they are looking for exactly...meaning there is no published set of criteria for judging......You can assume its like any other art critique..... craftsmanship, design, composition and overall appeal. The names began to be read off and everyone clapped for the "winners". I just put a nice danty sized chocolate cupcake into my mouth (with blue frosting) when I heard MY NAME being called!! Whoo Hoooooooo.......I won!! I went up and recieved my blue ribbon, a certificate and a nice check!!! Do you think I had Peter take my picture?? No! Didn't even think of it....not to mention, I hate my picture being taken since I nearly always hate the result.
So there. That was my exciting news. Yesterday I made what seemed like dozens of hearts for my next show.....I really only ended up with a short dozen. Funny how they look one way going into the kiln and sometimes when they come out....well, your not so excited about them. More than half are "good ones" while a few will go to the bead grave where I will use them for other stuff.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beautiful Views

Along with coming to the Arts Festival, you could also stroll through the magnificant gardens. I should really dig up some of our wedding pictures to show you that these gardens are very well kept. Things look pretty much the same as they did 17 years ago. Sonnenberg is now a historic landmark too so it will continue to be a great destination for visitors.

I didn't have the chance to go thru all of the gardens but I did get most of what was special to me.

So, I've shared set up and the beautiful views but I still haven't shared what was really exciting to me. Tomorrow I'll share that :)

I just want to remind you that if you leave a comment today thru Friday here on my blog your name will be entered into a surprise drawing! Hmmmmm, what could be inside this cute package???

Monday, August 25, 2008

Show Set Up & Comment Bead Drawing!!!

This past weekend I did a show at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua. I've done this show for 8 years and it remains to be among my favorites. The organization and friendly atmosphere of the staff is unbeatable. I took a few pictures to document what set up is really don't get the full effect since the temperature was near 90 on Friday when we set up but you can see in Peter's happy face just how fun it really is!

First we had to check in as we drove onto the grounds. We got a packet of information, badgets, parking sign and an invitation to an artist party after the show on Saturday! Whoo, Hoooo....that was another new thing! After check in, we pulled up to our spot and cheerily began putting that puzzle of a tent together.

Really, I did help with things but I needed to document so picture taking was important too. After the tent and tables were set into place we could go home. Saturday I arrived bright and early to set up my display and put things in place.

I went to the top of the hill in front of the Mansion and took this picture of all the tents set up on Sunday morning. This show is extra special to me since Peter and I were married here 17 years ago....I have more pictures for tomorrow and more exciting news about the show!!

For the next week, anyone who leaves a comment here on my blog, I am entering their name into a bead drawing! Leave a comment each day and get entered into the drawing!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breakfast at Dad's

Last week, Summer, my youngest neice sleptover (that was totally fun) and then the next day she spent the morning with "Poppy" -a.k.a my dad. Once she got there, Poppy made her breakfast........he makes THE BEST matter what he serves, its always delicious. After hearing about this great breakfast of eggs, toast, juice.....the typical morning reminded me of when I lived at home & all the times my dad made me breakfast on Sunday mornings. I needed a trip down memory lane So, this past Saturday I went over in the am for a wonderful breakfast on the bay! My dad is so sweet...he did everything vegetarian for me....he even got veggie bacon!

Well, the three of us, Dad, Bonnie (his wife) and I had a great time chatting, laughing and eating out on the deck that morning over looking the bay. They will be moving from there soon and we won't have that great view any longer :( But, they live primarily in Florida and that has plenty of great views to enjoy!

On a beadie note~ I'm frantically preparing for Sonnenberg this coming weekend. What else is new right?! All should be fine and then its time to get ready for Clothesline!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday was our 17th wedding anniversary! We celebrated all week long really by giving each other special little gifts and then we went to a Hill Climb. No,we didn't go was a motorcycle event. I use to go to these ALL the time (in my "other life") but since being married I haven't been. It was fun seeing all those bikes, hearing the sounds of tons of motorcycles and of course, people watching! Check out the picture below~Peter liked how I captured the guy in the bottom left corner picking his nose :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have Monkey Mind~ Do You?

Last night was wonderful. The ladies had a blast creating earrings & pendants with pmc and then they switched gears and had more fun stamping their hearts out making cards. Its a double header of a class....a jewelry stamping combo. Delightful. Next week we put the earrings together and the make that Oh, so cool package! Can't wait for that.

Afterward, Meg and I went to Bruesters for ice 10:00 at night!!!!! She turned me on to Birthday Cake ice cream....Oh, was yummy! Meghan has proven to be a bad influence on me (in a good way). I'm addicted to stamping now and have to weave it into my jewelry....I've got ways....wait and see :) Add to that now, Birthday Cake ice cream!!

Fast forward to now: I'm out on my swing chair taking a nice break and reading Eat, Pray, Love when I came across the funniest statement~ yet true statement. I'm at the Pray chapter and she (Elizabeth Gilbert) is telling how the Buddhists say we are all burdened with "Monkey Mind" ~"thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl." Oh my, YES, I have monkey mind!!

Just something funny to share. Laughter is good medicine.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tonights PMC+Stampin UP=FUN class

This is the packaging idea the Meg will be showing us how to do!! Can't wait!!!! If you missed out on tonights class....don't worry, I will be having another in early October!

I'm excited about tonights class!! There will be plenty to do and learn and I just know everyone will be thrilled with their results. This is a combo night....first, learn a simple PMC technique & create earrings or a pendant. Then create a few cards & a wickedly cool packaging idea just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Yup...I'm thinking about the Holiday's already. Halloween & Days of the Dead being MY favs!!

And of course, I added some glass beads to these just to add a bit more VAVOOM!

This pendant has a great inscription....To Know Life is to Love Many Vincent van Gogh

These are sweet. A smaller silver piece and some terrific glass beads!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What to do with my Sunny Amphoras?

I've been creating these colorful, sunshiny amphoras as of late using mandrels I purchased from Tink Martin. Tink is known for her beautiful vessels and she uses a hollow mandrel to blow the forms much like a traditional glassblower. I had to teach myself how to master this hollow mandrel but I think I've gotten it down pretty well. I use to make my vessels using a different method but like this "new" one much better!

I'm working on making the stoppers to these little beauties and then I'll need to think of how I'm going to incorporate them into my jewelry. Could just end up being a simple solution but I might use one in a more elebaborate design......or I might just sell them as Sunny Amphoras and leave the designing up to you.

I'd love to hear your comments on these......

Last night our youngest niece, Summer, slept over. I picked her up early and we started our fun with making felted beads. I had some other kids over and taught them all how simple yet tricky the felted bead process is. They were actually very good at them. It was surprisingly quiet while the five of us were making our stash of beads. We were doing this in the backyard and some of the black felt blew into the grass.....Bella asked me if this was wool or some of my hair!! I thought that was the funniest thing!

After felting, Peter and I took Summer to paint pottery and then to dinner. We all picked out our thing we wanted to paint & then got right to work. Peter surprised me since his design was very free flowing and filled with detail. Very opposite of what I would have expected. I figured his design would have been very tight and controlled. But no, that was what mine was!! I guess we had a bit of role reversal there! Summer did a very cute little pig decorated with......Suns! I gave her no suggestions on that but its funny how that happens to be my "theme of the month" Sunny~ Sunshine!!

Well, enjoy the day! Looks like a mixed bag of sun and rain today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, I haven't discussed this here but I'm so releived and happy! Its been a rather stressful period for me since the end of June and I haven't felt like writing about it since I thought I'd jinx myself. I'm in the clear now and I can say, We Are NOT moving!! Whooo Hoooo!

It started back in June when we were shown this incredible house. Yes, it was beautiful and I was swept away with the possibilities. Peter has wanted to move for sometime and he was thrilled that I liked this new home. My only complaint at that time was the asking price. After some talking we had MY range of comfort for an offer....the short story is, They accepted our offer and I was extremely surprised.

Now we had to get our house listed and begin trying to sell our home. All started well and I was pushing along at cleaning out and organizing for our up coming open house. Then I began to really think about where my studio was going to go as well as all our other stuff. Although our new home was going to be larger square footage wise it lacked storage and a good place for my studio. Panic set in. I went back to the house two other times considering where everything could go and hopefully settle my nerves.

The second time we were there Peter helped me see one place it could be set up. I kinda bought into it at that time since the house was so beautiful and I really wanted it to work for us. We came home and I continued with our staging of our current home. But panic returned and I had to go back again to see the house. I had thought thru Peters idea of where the studio could go and concluded it wasn't the best solution.....I'm very safety oriented and felt it flew it the face of what I had learned and been told.

So on our 3rd visit Peter suggested an alternative temporary place for my studio set up. He explained that we could build a studio on a section of the property. Great, right? Well, this studio would cost a good chunk of money and wait time....and I don't like either of those two things. Especially the money part. I finally had to come clean with Pete and thru lots of tears I told him I just couldn't do it...I couldn't move into this beautiful home. (I won't bore you with the few other things that bugged me about it. I could have lived with those if the studio & money thing wasn't so huge for me) I felt terrible that I was crushing Peter and his desire to move.

We went along with showing our house and doing everything to sell our place. We had to in order to fulfill our contractual obligations. House selling is an experience. The only way I can see that you can get thru it is to REALLY want to move. You get all sorts of people coming thru, you have to keep the house tidy at all times, and you have to listen to all offers...crazy as they can be. The market is rather slow right now but we did have people interested. There was one crazy guy who we just couldn't wait for him to leave the both times he came thru. He looked at the house for more than an hour each time and then each time he sat in his truck in front of our house for an additional hour......creepy. He put in an offer but of course we didn't accept it.

To end this story we took our house off the market before other offers came in and I'm happy. Peter is okay with everything too. We plan on moving in a few years but for now this is still our home. This was actually a good experience because we both leaned a bit more about what matters to each other and what we really want/need from a home. I know Peter is afraid that I won't ever like another home but I know he's wrong on that. I know now what I have to look for and will be a more active participant in the housing search when the time comes.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post today. I tried my best to trim it down to the bare bones of it all but I really wanted you to know what has been occupying my thoughts.
:) Linda