Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, I haven't discussed this here but I'm so releived and happy! Its been a rather stressful period for me since the end of June and I haven't felt like writing about it since I thought I'd jinx myself. I'm in the clear now and I can say, We Are NOT moving!! Whooo Hoooo!

It started back in June when we were shown this incredible house. Yes, it was beautiful and I was swept away with the possibilities. Peter has wanted to move for sometime and he was thrilled that I liked this new home. My only complaint at that time was the asking price. After some talking we had MY range of comfort for an offer....the short story is, They accepted our offer and I was extremely surprised.

Now we had to get our house listed and begin trying to sell our home. All started well and I was pushing along at cleaning out and organizing for our up coming open house. Then I began to really think about where my studio was going to go as well as all our other stuff. Although our new home was going to be larger square footage wise it lacked storage and a good place for my studio. Panic set in. I went back to the house two other times considering where everything could go and hopefully settle my nerves.

The second time we were there Peter helped me see one place it could be set up. I kinda bought into it at that time since the house was so beautiful and I really wanted it to work for us. We came home and I continued with our staging of our current home. But panic returned and I had to go back again to see the house. I had thought thru Peters idea of where the studio could go and concluded it wasn't the best solution.....I'm very safety oriented and felt it flew it the face of what I had learned and been told.

So on our 3rd visit Peter suggested an alternative temporary place for my studio set up. He explained that we could build a studio on a section of the property. Great, right? Well, this studio would cost a good chunk of money and wait time....and I don't like either of those two things. Especially the money part. I finally had to come clean with Pete and thru lots of tears I told him I just couldn't do it...I couldn't move into this beautiful home. (I won't bore you with the few other things that bugged me about it. I could have lived with those if the studio & money thing wasn't so huge for me) I felt terrible that I was crushing Peter and his desire to move.

We went along with showing our house and doing everything to sell our place. We had to in order to fulfill our contractual obligations. House selling is an experience. The only way I can see that you can get thru it is to REALLY want to move. You get all sorts of people coming thru, you have to keep the house tidy at all times, and you have to listen to all offers...crazy as they can be. The market is rather slow right now but we did have people interested. There was one crazy guy who we just couldn't wait for him to leave the both times he came thru. He looked at the house for more than an hour each time and then each time he sat in his truck in front of our house for an additional hour......creepy. He put in an offer but of course we didn't accept it.

To end this story we took our house off the market before other offers came in and I'm happy. Peter is okay with everything too. We plan on moving in a few years but for now this is still our home. This was actually a good experience because we both leaned a bit more about what matters to each other and what we really want/need from a home. I know Peter is afraid that I won't ever like another home but I know he's wrong on that. I know now what I have to look for and will be a more active participant in the housing search when the time comes.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post today. I tried my best to trim it down to the bare bones of it all but I really wanted you to know what has been occupying my thoughts.
:) Linda


Deb said...

Linda - it sounds like you have been through quite a lot & still managed to come out the other side in tact! Well done!
Moving is stressful at the best of times - & believe me it is only worth putting yourself through that stress when you have no doubt in your mind that it is the right house for you :o)

Linda said...

It was horrible I must admit. Constant butterflies in my stomach knowing I wasn't really committed to the move & knowing I was disappointing my husband. I felt like that stubborn old horse being pulled out of the barn!
I will be listening to that small voice inside better next time around. :)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Awww, it sounds like it was tough for you. Well maybe the trepidation was for a good reason. The perfect house for both you and your husband is waiting around the corner and buying the wrong house would have just got in the way!

Linda said...

Now that the signs are gone and we are staying put, my husband agrees completely that it was for the best. That other house was a beauty but lots of $$ was going to be sunk into it to make it a fit for me with all my "needs"
Its nice being stress free again!