Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blogging & Beads

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the torch and created these colorful disk beads. My intent was to make disks for a bracelet but I think these will be used for earrings instead. I believe that I am the queen of the mismatched style. At least in earrings that is. I came up with doing mismatched earrings after discovering a line of infant clothing that is all about mismatch. They had mismatched socks and I have forgotten what else but I liked the concept. Infants loose socks. We always seem to loose an earring. So I figured, mismatching them would work just fine as long as there was a unifing thread. Can you tell which ones I'll be putting together? I'm going to work on silve components today so hopefully later this week the earrings will be complete.

My blog poll is done and thank you to those who took a minute and voted as to what they would like to see/ hear more of on my blog. Its very helpful to know what you are most interested in reading about. My idea is to have more of a structure to my blog so that each day will have a different focus. Give me a few days and I should have a better idea of my vision and I'll be able to share my outline.

I wanted to show you the 2 vessels I spoke of last week. To me, vessels are just plain fun to make. I don't really have a plan when I begin, I just work with whatever colors are on my bench and try to make the best of it. You might find these in my etsy shop....don't know yet....I always feel I must make something with things rather than sell them for others to make things with.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

B.A.B aka. Big Ass Bead

As I've said, I've been venturing down a new path to bring a fresh new look to my work. I continue with my bright, vibrant palette and fun style but I'm also exploring more earthy tones and adding fine silver to my work in specific ways. For more than 2 years now I've been crafting my own findings such as toggles, headpins, links and such which really help to make my work unique. Within the last year I've been focusing on embedding this fine silver in different ways and have enjoyed this very much. Loads of "mistakes" but all great examples of what not to do. I actually keep these as reference to share with others when I teach.

This is my latest B.A.B.. I love it. Both sides are different. I really like the "surprise" I get when reactive glass is taken out of the kiln the next morning! The glass may look one way when it goes in but it looks a little different when its cooled and out of the oven. I used lots of silver within the glass, reactive double helix colors and some interesting effetre colors too. The design on the bead wasn't what I was calling attention to but rather the way both silver core and glass bead compliment each other.

I'd love to hear what you think. I have some other components to make before this B.A.B is worked into a jewelry design but I hope to show you what it has become soon.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Finding Peace and Calm....

"Create an image in your mind that represents peace and calm. This will be your escape hatch for those moments when life feels overwhelming. Perhaps you feel peaceful when you look at the ocean, or maybe a field of flowers makes you feel calm. You may even visualize a cloud-filled sky to bring harmony to your mind’s eye. Take a deep breath and go to this place whenever the need arises." ~ from Oprah

This time of year for me is always hecktic. Its the approaching end to the school year with all its events and special happenings. Its family. Even good things can be stressful. Its the looking forward to the festival season and the time spent creating, setting up, taking down etc.... Often this realively simple act of meditation helps to bring me balance, calm and peace. Try it. I'm a big believer of both mediation and journaling...they've helped me in many ways.

I hope you will take my poll and help me with better blogging!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where 'd I go?

I've been a little delinquent in posting as of late. Just haven't had much to report or should I say write about. I've had plenty to do to occupy my time however. School at this time of year is always busy with shows, year end projects and such. I really try to cram as much in as possible. The school year goes by so fast. My after school art class here has been going well too. I think I'll have a few more students sign up for the summer sessions which will be nice. Like I've said, I do love teaching art!

Beads and jewelry designing have kept me busy also. At this point I feel like its the calm before the storm of festivals and Open Houses. I've been exploring a new path with my work and learning new tricks along the way too. I've purchased some new tools so I have plenty to entertain myself in the studio.

With my summer break fast approaching I'm also looking to get more organized with my posts on my blog. It seems I'm always looking for ways to work smarter not more. I want to work more at actually planning my posts vs. just writing as I sit down in front of a blank page. Maybe you can help me with my planning and tell me what you like hearing about.

Lastly, I have to share some bead stuff....but its not my bead work, its that of a dear friend, Nancy Valle. She taught me how to make beads years ago and has been a constant friend. She too is an art teacher so we have lots in common. Nancy is primarily a ceramic artist creating beautiful garden sculptures and such. She loves beadmaking too and combines both of these talents together making for some very interesting and "earthy" work. Here are just a few of her clay beads

I plan on working them into a design but haven't been struck with the idea yet.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Like most beadmakers, I am always looking at tools. Before I buy a tool I try to really think if its a Need to have or just a Nice to have tool since I own plenty of those rarely used Nice to have tools collecting dust in my studio. I've been looking at the tools by Jim Moore and decided, Yes, its time I get something here! It was a toss up between a few items so I started with my first pick, the spiral press. It should arrive any day...hopefully today...and I can't wait to play with it.

I already know what my next purchase will be but I have to wait. These tools are fairly expensive but well worth it I am told.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tag Necklace Success

Sunday was my Mother's Day Tag Neckace class and although the class size was small, we had big fun!

After making the necklace, each made a clever package to put this gift into.....however, both decided they liked their necklaces way to much & were keeping it for themselves :) They do have a great package to put something into.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spin The Color Wheel Round n Round

I love news flash there! But my muse has been leading me in different color directions as of late and I'm wondering why? Is it the subliminal messages of color trends we get in media?? Is it just being observant?? How do we sense color? What drives our interest in color? Sorry, I have no answers but in my search for answers I stumbled upon some cool sites.

I googled color trends and this site was one of many listed. I had fun just prowling around and looking at what fashion says is going to be hot this spring and summer. Pantone, is the leader of color trends and offers swatches of seasonal color choices. You could really just spend who knows how long click thru each link here. So, go explore and see what you think will be the next big color trend!