Monday, May 25, 2009

Finding Peace and Calm....

"Create an image in your mind that represents peace and calm. This will be your escape hatch for those moments when life feels overwhelming. Perhaps you feel peaceful when you look at the ocean, or maybe a field of flowers makes you feel calm. You may even visualize a cloud-filled sky to bring harmony to your mind’s eye. Take a deep breath and go to this place whenever the need arises." ~ from Oprah

This time of year for me is always hecktic. Its the approaching end to the school year with all its events and special happenings. Its family. Even good things can be stressful. Its the looking forward to the festival season and the time spent creating, setting up, taking down etc.... Often this realively simple act of meditation helps to bring me balance, calm and peace. Try it. I'm a big believer of both mediation and journaling...they've helped me in many ways.

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