Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gathering of Artists

Yesterday was such a wonderful day spent with artist/teacher/friends. 

We painted, we talked, we laughed and we ate. Its so nice to be around like minded people who enjoy the same things. We plan on doing this monthly or so.

Over lunch we talked about all the photo apps that are out there such as snapseed, instagram, snap & sketch, pic stitch and others....I love playing around with images and tadaa is my new favorite app!

This is the image adjusted in Instagram first....the above is further manipulated with tadaa! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Organizing & Consolidation

These two words seem to be the theme of my life lately. At work, our district is doing some heavy duty consolidating to save money. My school has been consolidated with another, my room has moved and I've been busy there reorganizing.

My home life is much of the same. We have been getting the hardwoods refinished upstairs and down stairs so we have had to move things out on each floor and then put them back in place once the floors are done. While doing all this we have repainted, I've reorganized and tossed out a bunch of stuff. My closet for one has never looked better and I'm so happy that this has forced us to consolidate. Our second floor is almost more room to paint and one more closet (my husbands) to organize.....Ugh, the downstairs will be happening at the end of July and I'm kinda scared about that one! Kitchen appliances, living room furniture, dining room.......all have to be moved out! Once again we will be sleeping on the porch!

My art rooms at home....yes, I have is for painting and such and the other is my glass studio, are being organized and consolidated too. My art room in our basement has been pretty much a nightmare since the beginning. There wasn't proper storage for things so they piled up. I now have a nice storage unit purchased at Michaels that holds everything nice and neat. LOVE IT! Now canvases are not easily hidden but thats okay with me.

So. I'm very happy with organizing and consolidating although its been hard work. I feel like we've done so much but being that we are still in process it still looks like a mess. Things will get better I know.  Things are finding their own homes and I'm passing on lots of goodies to either friends or the garbage man. By summers end my house and new art room at school should look awesome!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Don't Feel Bad About it Either

It happens.

And I don't feel bad about it either.

My husband walks into my studio and shakes his head. He just doesn't get it.
Yes. I do know where everything is.
Yes. I do like a neat studio too.
Yes. I can actually get work done in chaos.
Yes. I will take neatening up under consideration.
No. I do not promise to do it :)

New tools!

Both from Jim them!
One is for off mandrel work and the other takes beads off the mandrel for you.
I really didn't want to buy the bead remover one but it really does help with my tendonitis. 
Well worth the money for both of these!