Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scared Silly

Oh, yesterday was fun. It was my annual Halloween bead bash with a twist. This year I included a stamping aspect....which was loads of fun. I offered a selection of Days of the Dead/ Halloween inspired beads and jewelry AND had two Halloween cards that everyone could make. The earring kits were the hit of the party........I even made a pair that I swear I'm not selling!!!

Typically I have my events in my studio with the door open and tent out front.....very easy to see that SOMETHING is happening here. But yesterday the forecast was wet so I had it indoors. Great. However, I think I lost a few attendies since they saw the studio door closed figuring it was off. Oh, well. Live and learn........better be good with the signage or put it in writting next time. Anywhoooo, there were several in attendance making it a great time to boot. My niece and her friend came too.......they had fun hanging with the ladies and listening to the crazy talk.

I'll be posting some Halloween earring kits in my Etsy shop later in the week........check them out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm in A Treasury!!!

One of my "web friends" has included me in her list of "Glassy Girls Who Blog" treasury on Etsy. Deb is from New Zealand and was one of my featured artists a few months ago. Check it out...Firebird Treasury I'm in good company here! Wonderful artists! Thanks Deb!! I'm honored :)

I was happy to hear from Deb tonight since she was the winner of my last Free Giveaway. I wasn't quite sure when the package would reach New Zealand but it arrived safe and sound. It put a smile on my face as I read that she LOVED the packaging and the heart and Kumihimo necklace I included. The heart was not made into a pendant but Deb has an idea that I'm anxious to see. Sounds like I might be tring her silver woven technique :)

Thanks Deb for the Treasury listing and the wonderful made my night :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chaos & more Chaos

So the school year has begun. Its off to a great start I must say but transitioning from "freely scheduled" time to "structured" time has been chaotic! The school year is basically a juggling act....the hope being to keep all the balls in the air! Bead making, jewelry making, order filling, store stocking, card stamping, family life.....the list goes on. We all have our juggling acts don't we? I'm no different.

Also, Chaos is probably my best selling adornment that I create. Each one is similar yet different...making each one very special. My latest Chaos piece sold at Clothesline....the Memorial Art Galleries fundraiser & the best arts show in this region. If this lovely lady didn't purchase it.....I would have been really surprised! She looked fabulous wearing it and HAD to have it!

I know I've been away from posting as of late but I'm getting back in the groove of work and will be back posting more regularly shortly. This weekend I will be preparing for NEXT weekends Halloween bead bash and stampin up party. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Clothesline & Reconnecting

The Clothesline Arts Festival was this past weekend and it made a wonderful ending to the Summer Festival season. The weather was okay....coolish with some rain and some sun but no downpours!!! And, Lets get real....the economy has been in the dumper meaning each festival has been lower in attendance & in sales. I, however, am very blessed to have a great following.... Thank You to all who visited my booth to either look , chat or to purchase.....I appreciate it all.

One of my favorite parts of the Clothesline is the chatting and re-connecting with old friends & new ones. Last year I re connected with my dear friend Lisa and this year Laurie was the friend I finally saw after 16 years!!!!! We use to have such fun together. She also helped me much more than she knows with a crazy relationship I was in at the time. She has a boyfriend who lives in Italy so once she returns we will get together for dinner and catch up.

My next reconnect was with Elizabeth....I went to undergrad school with her and I just loved her energy, smile and just nice way she had. I actually took a picture of her cause I had that camera with me & I thought, why not...Love that tattoo ....

Then I met, Linda Lawrence....the other Linda Lawrence :) Scary but there are about 3 other Linda Lawrences that I know of who live locally!!! One of them is in the school district I work in and boy was that a problem with my work email!!! I'd show you that picture but I don't like it :) I look tired. So vain, I know.

Well, I know I have to finish up my Kumihimo follow up but goodness, I still don't have that photo yet! Hopefully tomorrow.:) I'll be resting now and watching tv tonight like a very lazy person.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kumihimo Anyone?

Do you like easy? I sure do and I love this easy to use braiding board. Its called Kumihimo and is a Japanese method of braiding. Traditional Kumihimo boards are not really boards but made from wood and stand rather tall. There are many different braids you can do but I like this one, using 8 cords, which is very simple.

You bring one cord down and the next one move up keeping two cords next to each other as you go around and around and around. This is what it looks like as the thick cording starts to get longer and longer. I'm using silk cording but you can use almost anything.

Its very "mindless" and you can sit anywhere and do it. Last year I made a few necklaces but haven't done anything with them. So I decided to try bracelets, something simple. After I reached the length I wanted I tied thread around the ending and cut off the excess cord.

Now, silly me didn't take a photo of the end result! Sorry about that. I'll show you that either later today or tomorrow. I hope you go get yourself a Kumihimo board and give this a try. Its so fun and easy..... I taught my second graders how to do this and they loved it!!