Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chaos & more Chaos

So the school year has begun. Its off to a great start I must say but transitioning from "freely scheduled" time to "structured" time has been chaotic! The school year is basically a juggling act....the hope being to keep all the balls in the air! Bead making, jewelry making, order filling, store stocking, card stamping, family life.....the list goes on. We all have our juggling acts don't we? I'm no different.

Also, Chaos is probably my best selling adornment that I create. Each one is similar yet different...making each one very special. My latest Chaos piece sold at Clothesline....the Memorial Art Galleries fundraiser & the best arts show in this region. If this lovely lady didn't purchase it.....I would have been really surprised! She looked fabulous wearing it and HAD to have it!

I know I've been away from posting as of late but I'm getting back in the groove of work and will be back posting more regularly shortly. This weekend I will be preparing for NEXT weekends Halloween bead bash and stampin up party. I'll be sure to take pictures.

Happy Thursday!!


angelinabeadalina said...

She looks great wearing that Chaos necklace! Ya did good :) Glad you are getting your school-year routine settled. Look forward to seeing and hearing more :)

Linda said...

She was/ is a very beautiful woman and boy can she wear color well. I'm happy she has it.

Oh, gosh, the school year has kicked by butt already! Two weeks in and I'm pooped. I know I'll adjust but its hard.....I don't get much sympathy here considering I do have the two summer months off!
:) Linda