Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's Your Word?

At the start of every school year I select a word or phrase that is a guiding element for the work we will do throughout the year. I like doing this since I feel it centers me as the teacher but it is also grounds our lessons in a meaningful way. They are also a great connection to my "Essential Questions" for the school year.

I've also used this concept in my own personal artwork. Again, its a great way to focus and stay focused on what you feel is important to your growth as an artist. So my work this year actually sprang from a painting I did recently.

My word is Evolve.
:: flow with the evolution of the art I am being guided to create.
:: let it happen. don't try to force things or speed them up.
:: be true to myself as an artist. Acknowledge what speaks to me rather then worry what others think.
:: work to have my art reflect my sense of color, style and taste no matter what
:: learn from others. Especially the teachers I choose to take lessons from.
:: be open to new things.
:: take time to incorporate newly learned skills into my work. This is a hard one for me.
:: listen closely to my inner voice.
:: move to my own rhythm....rather than create because I have to do it for a show. Hard at times since those of us who do shows need to have product to sell.

I find that shows tend to make me antsy to get things done. This is good for the most part since I am Queen of Procrastination. is also a negative. Sometimes more is not always better. Sometimes more is less. Less thought. Less originality. Less special. Quality and personally loving each thing I make is my goal.

I will evolve into the artist I wish to be by following my heart with my hands. I will use my intuition and inner voice to guide and move me rather than the ideals of others. I will evolve into the artist I am suppose to be.