Friday, January 27, 2012


This period from January until about mid March, I'm all about enjoying some creative rejuvenation. Oh, I'm still creating beads & jewelry too but my pace is slower . Its now that I am free to be a creative explorer since the summer show schedule is in the distance...playing with materials I love other than glass and just experimenting is a great way to stir my muse. I love so many different types of art making that this time is really pure joy and inspiration. A great way to dream up new jewelry and bead ideas!

For Christmas my Aunt gave me The Spirit of Henna. Its a box that contains mehndi patterns, henna pens and a book of history and ideas. I'm home sick today and really am anchored to my bed but I still want to make something!! So I've decided to decorate my hand and arm that is :)

 I just love the beautiful patterns! Flowing designs and just one color.

Typically someone else does your henna.......I'm doing my own so I'm sure my designs won't be this spectacular.

I love paisley. Over the summer I created some fun paisley inspired buttons......I might revisit that idea after my mehndi focus today!

I'm sure I will feel wonderful after my henna tattoos are done. What will my husband think when he gets home?! What do you do to feel better when your home sick?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thinking Spring

It's no wonder that I'm thinking about spring. Our winter here in upstate NY so far has been very mild. AND I'm not complaining one bit. I'm born and raised here but do not like the winter all that much...I try my best to get involved with outdoor stuff in the winter and to really embrace the snow but really, I'd rather have it HOT.

The grocery store already has tulips and daffodils and Easter candy.  Last weekend I was in the mall shopping and noticed that stores are even beginning to show off their spring clothing lines. I better get on board!

Pantone is the leader in color. From graphic art to fashion, Pantone is the place to forecast seasonal colors. Here is what they are saying:

I love the Tangerine and Cabaret....and the Bellflower too! Nice brights mixed with some soft Beachy colors like Cockatoo, Starfish and Margarita. Makes me think of Siesta Key Beach......I'm hoping to get their this April.

Hope this inspires you to think spring also. I'm sure we will be seeing these colors in spring fashion lines and home decor.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Never Bored

Truly. I am never bored. I think that is the great thing about being a creative person. You're always thinking, looking, experimenting, making........Tonight I'm fascinated by creating paper roses.

I'm making dozens of these and then will hot glue them to a wreath form.....or a cone form...or maybe a heart shaped box.....not sure yet.

Here is how you do it:

:: Cut a square of colored card stock. Trim it into a circle shape. Don't worry about being perfect. Cut a spiral.

:: Starting at the end, begin rolling paper tightly. Roll until you reach the center of the spiral....this is the bottom of the rose. 
:: Hot glue to a wreath form or use as an embellishment to a card. So much you could do with them!! 

Years ago I made these with students in art class but I got re-inspired with them from someone on Pinterest! Another addiction I now have :)

As you might have guessed, I'm thinking about Valentine's Day and making a few things to decorate our dining room. I love being festive! This weekend I plan on making dozens of Valentine cookies that will be decorated very fancy.....I'll be sure to post.....I'm bound to make one giant mess!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Captivated by Pinterest

I know, I know......I'm probably the last to be part of the big Pinterest craze but I've finally arrived! For the last 2 weeks I've been pinning and repinning images of my favorite things creating my boards. Kind of addicting......and I don't really need something else pulling me away from things I need to do! But I do find it fun.

For those of you who know me, I am crazy for window displays. I think that these are one of the oldest marketing tools store owners have and they are so effective......but under utilized by many. A great window display...or store displays of any kind really........evoke feelings and really transport the viewer........right into your store ready to purchase! Anthropology stores have remarkable displays. They are colorful, creative and for the most part simple. Simple in concept that is. They will take one item and then go to the extreme with it. Just beautiful. So please go to my Pinterest boards and see what I will see lots of Anthropology displays!

Along with my pinterest interest, I've been busy Art Journaling. Later today I will hopefully post some things I'm doing on my Tutorial page......we'll see.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


These Valentine Beads will be up in my Etsy Shop later today.

I had planned on putting them in my shop yesterday but I was off doing other things.

My prices are always very reasonable.

I'll be doing more of these too. Its back to work this week and then our Holiday Party on Saturday. Sunday will be spent in the studio!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Resolutions Anyone?

Wow. Its the New Year again! I hope you all enjoyed your celebrating last night.....I spent time with family  over a great dinner, conversation and watching the ball drop in Times Square on television. I love our traditions no matter how simple they are. Its the time spent with one another that is important.

I think its the age my sister and I are at that we realize the importance of family. Last night as the adults gathered to celebrate over dinner, my nieces and nephew began preparing for their night out on the town.......parties and friends..... this is what is important to them at this time in their life. I remember those days and have great memories. Last night I enjoyed watching my eldest niece get dressed and ready....she is just such a pretty girl....I was so happy that she let me do her make up for her. Years ago I was a make up artist and still love designing a face. I must say, she looked great! So off they went to their parties and friends and us mature family members ate, played games and laughed.

My first page of my new art journal. 
I will be journaling everyday this month and posting what I've done.

So, you have any? The New Year just makes you think of making changes and I see nothing wrong with setting out to do better. As always, I'm keeping it simple:

Personal Life:
:: Be creative everyday. No matter how small, do something creative. I'm thinking of my Art Journaling.
:: Be focused. Whatever it is that is deserving of my attention, I will focus on that thing completely. Multitasking to a minimum. Being present.
:: Practice Kindness. Of course we all try to be kind most of the time right?! But I'm really thinking of those times when you don't want to be kind....maybe its a bad mood your having or maybe it means being more understanding of someone.
:: Be of service. I am a big believer of serving others. I don't do this as often as I would like but I do try and help and serve the needs of others when I can. This year I'd like to focus a bit more on this.

Business Life:
:: Take time to experiment.
:: Limit the number of shows I commit to.
:: Practice, practice, practice all those new techniques I've learned last year with the many classes I've taken.
:: Be better with my Etsy Shop!!