Friday, January 27, 2012


This period from January until about mid March, I'm all about enjoying some creative rejuvenation. Oh, I'm still creating beads & jewelry too but my pace is slower . Its now that I am free to be a creative explorer since the summer show schedule is in the distance...playing with materials I love other than glass and just experimenting is a great way to stir my muse. I love so many different types of art making that this time is really pure joy and inspiration. A great way to dream up new jewelry and bead ideas!

For Christmas my Aunt gave me The Spirit of Henna. Its a box that contains mehndi patterns, henna pens and a book of history and ideas. I'm home sick today and really am anchored to my bed but I still want to make something!! So I've decided to decorate my hand and arm that is :)

 I just love the beautiful patterns! Flowing designs and just one color.

Typically someone else does your henna.......I'm doing my own so I'm sure my designs won't be this spectacular.

I love paisley. Over the summer I created some fun paisley inspired buttons......I might revisit that idea after my mehndi focus today!

I'm sure I will feel wonderful after my henna tattoos are done. What will my husband think when he gets home?! What do you do to feel better when your home sick?

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