Monday, July 26, 2010

Its Almost Time!

The Gathering is almost here!! Everyone I speak with (bead people of course)  is excited for all that will be happening this week. The Gathering is our International Society of Glass Beadmakers conference. People will be here from all over.......very cool that its all happening in Rochester too!

I've been busy as you might guess, preparing for this big event as well as getting ready for upcoming shows. I thought I'd post just a few items here to show you what will be available at my Bead Bazaar table on Saturday.........

Toggles.........I use these in my jewelry and will have a few for sale on Saturday. I think I'll put them up in my Etsy shop til then.

I'm crazy about capping my beads!! AND about Double Helix glass. Its such a mystery as to what these little beauties will look like once out of the kiln. They look one way in the torch and then another once out from the kiln.

This one was my first of the week......looks like the world. Every view is a bit different.

Glass can be yummy. This glass does all the work for the most part. There is some coaxing you must do and its really capturing it just at the right moment.

There is something about red and orange that I just adore. 

I hope to see you Saturday or.......check out my Etsy shop later today (I must make more beads right now) to snag a few of these!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What to do While Visiting Rochester!

Okay, so this is my 3rd post about all that there is to do in Rochester. These items that I am listing are things I typically do with out of town friends to give them a flavor of what we enjoy here in Rochester...there are so many big and little things....but I am just listing things that could be done during the period of our International Society of Glass Beadmakers conference at the end of July. I hope you get the chance to do a few things.........I'd happily join you too :)

11.  Enjoy a foreign film at The Little Theater! There popcorn is the best. Afterwards check out Spot coffee for dessert and espresso.

12.  What a fancy dinner? Make Reservations at Two Vine. Great food, contemporary setting. Afterwards, stroll East Ave. and check out Arena's Florist!! OMG! Love that place and the window displays are outstanding.

13.  Give your feet a rest and get a pedicure at the Del Monte Spa located in Pittsford right across from Schoen Place. Its a very rich setting and you will be in the best of care. If you do this, you MUST have dinner at Simply Crepes! Light, delicious crepes filled with sweet or savory delights. There are lots of little shops in Schoen Place so take time to stroll and feed the ducks along the canal.

14.  The Public Market! This place rocks! Open Thursday and Saturdays you can get anything fresh! All the typical things at a public market. Go to the Empanada Stop for a great variety of homemade Empanada's! Delicious!!!!!!!!! Fairport is a few towns away from the city but I must say that there public market on Saturday's is like a step back in time. Very cute, great items and my personal favorite............Carrot Dogs!!!!!!! I am insane for them. Don't mock it until you try it. They are awesome!

15. I know everyone has been asking about places to eat and I didn't check if I already stated it but Mr. Dominic's on the Lake is a MUST. Probably the best Italian food around....if you go on a Friday, get there early or be prepared to wait.

Don't forget to check out my previous What to Do While Visiting Rochester posts........lots of things to do and see.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I haven't posted in the last few days since I've been anticipating serving as a juror. There is never a "good" time to be summonsed but being on summer vacation and being called to serve is the pits! I have been very lucky however. I have not had to report as of yet. Each time I have to check in with the jury office, I think, this is it I'm gonna have to go in........but no, I've been lucky so far.

This anticipation of jury duty has kind of cramped my beading. I haven't been able to keep to my schedule as well since I'm always figuring on not being around. I've made a few things for my upcoming shows but I haven't accomplished what I would have liked to. Today will be in the low 90's so that will really hamper my beading..........I think I'll just plan on beading this evening instead.

Well, time for my morning walk and then some work. Enjoy your day :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to to While Visiting Rochester!

Here are a few more things to consider while staying in wonderful Rochester! A continuation of my list I began last week........

6.  Visit the Strong National Museum of Play......even big kids like it. They have an awesome butterfly garden!

7.  Check out the Dinasour Barbeque! Love this place even though I'm a vegetarian!! The atmosphere and those fried green tomatos are the best!

8.  Visit the Highland conservatory at Highland Park......its been newly remodeled. Beautiful flowers and plants......not a bad place for a quick picnic. Home of our many varieties of Lilacs.

9.  Tour Mt. Hope Cemetary and find where Susan B Anthony, Fredrich Douglass and Jack the Ripper are buried! Its a great place to see interesting head stones and learn local history. Take the Famous and Forgotten tour or just walk around on your own.

10. Head to the beach for an Abbott's custard. Abbott's is a Rochester staple and is only open for the spring/summer season. The lake location offers great people might be luck to see some sidewalk entertainment such as the accordian player or my favorite the dancing rollerblader (you will know him when you see him...there is no need for me to discribe further except to note that he is typically wearing a blue speedo).

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Giveaways!

I thought it might be fun to do a giveaway this month! Actually, I'm going to give away 2 things. One is this Mandala Style glass necklace pictured below and the second will be a Mystery Gift....don't you love surprizes?!

All you will need to do to be part of this giveaway drawing is to leave a comment on any or all of my July posts. That means your name will be entered as many times as you leave comments (1 per day however). At the end of July I will select 2 numbers using the random number generator and who ever corresponds to those numbers wins!  I sure hope you'll play.

Today, Peter and I met with Bill and Joanne Cala of Joining Hearts and Hands and presented them with a check for $1040.00 which was raised during our Hearts for Hannah campaigne in June.  This money will be used towards the continued developement of the Hannah's Hope project.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Bangle & CZ Pendant class

I'm teaching a CZ pendant class at Bead Breakout....come join me!

Love my new bangle bracelet. I'll have different variations later in the week and will have them up on my website.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to to While Visiting Rochester!

For the next weeks leading up to our International Bead Society Convention I will be posting things to do while you visit. I think Rochester is a great place to live and has tons to offer. Yes, we get snow in the Winter but we enjoy all 4 seasons as they should be, Summer sun, Fall color changes, Winter snow, and Spring blooming. I hope you enjoy visiting & get a chance to see some of these "off beat trail" sorta spots.

Here are my first 5 things to do:

1.  Visit Wegmans our beloved grocery store and learn why Alec Baldwins mom won't be moving to California! You should go to a big Wegmans like Pittsford to really get the full feel. Wegmans Rocks!

2.  Go to Nick Tahoe's on Main Street in the city and experience a Garbage Plate. Others have tried to create their own version but Nick Tahoe's is the original.  Nick's use to be a real interesting place to see all sorts of people but it has mellowed over the years. Located in a rough part of town but worth it.

3.  Ride the Carousel at Charlotte Beach. The Dentzel Menagerie Carousel was hand carved by the Dentzel Co. in Pennsylvania and installed at the beach in 1905.

4. Walk along this "secret" sidewalk on Beach Avenue to see a beautiful view of the lake and see some gorgeous homes! Looks like you in the Hamptons but your in Rochester!!! This is a public sidewalk but you wouldn't know about it just passing by. Park near Clemetes Street and look for the walkway towards the lake....looks like your going on private property but you should see the side indicating public walk.

5. Stop for a drink or dinner at Pier 45. The outdoor seating is awesome and you can look across the water & see the Yacht Club....boaters and sailers always floating by.