Thursday, July 8, 2010

What to to While Visiting Rochester!

Here are a few more things to consider while staying in wonderful Rochester! A continuation of my list I began last week........

6.  Visit the Strong National Museum of Play......even big kids like it. They have an awesome butterfly garden!

7.  Check out the Dinasour Barbeque! Love this place even though I'm a vegetarian!! The atmosphere and those fried green tomatos are the best!

8.  Visit the Highland conservatory at Highland Park......its been newly remodeled. Beautiful flowers and plants......not a bad place for a quick picnic. Home of our many varieties of Lilacs.

9.  Tour Mt. Hope Cemetary and find where Susan B Anthony, Fredrich Douglass and Jack the Ripper are buried! Its a great place to see interesting head stones and learn local history. Take the Famous and Forgotten tour or just walk around on your own.

10. Head to the beach for an Abbott's custard. Abbott's is a Rochester staple and is only open for the spring/summer season. The lake location offers great people might be luck to see some sidewalk entertainment such as the accordian player or my favorite the dancing rollerblader (you will know him when you see him...there is no need for me to discribe further except to note that he is typically wearing a blue speedo).


Miss Val's Creations said...

I'd love to visit Rochester next time I travel there. Highland Park sounds right up my ally!

Sushi said...

Linda!!! I really miss watching for hearts HaHa :-)

Stephanie Gentry said...

Fried Green Tomatos - YUM!!!
Dinasour Barbeque here I come! (I wish) :P

Kathy said...

I would like to come and see Rochester some day.
Hope it is cooling down for you.

Linda said...

Just came back from watching a band at a local bar/resturant......its going on 10:00 and its 84 degrees !!

RuffHaven said...

Yes, and while I am there I should visit my sister and her family !

I love Rochester NY. I first met Wegmans Grocery Stores u there. They are finally in my area. I know .....who gets excited about a grocery store?

Thanks for sharing the other must see places. I'll check 'em out next time I am up there.

( I'm from the creative flight fb group)

Patti said...

If you go to Abbotts, you have to have the chocolate almond flavor is sooooo good!