Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year. A New Beginning. How Do You Begin?

Time really does fly by. Look, we are already on the brink of a new year! How do you like to begin your New Year? Do you make resolutions? Do you clean and organize your home? Or do you just plod on the way you've been doing?

I happen to love the thought of a new year and a new beginning. Here are a few things I like to do to start the year off. I don't call them resolutions...these are just things I always do.

1. Organize & Purge- I love to clear out the excess in our house. I sort and get rid of clothing, household items and my overflowing art supplies. (I hate parting with those but sometimes I must) I also begin that awful process of getting things together for taxes!
Last year, I organized my art space in the basement with new storage and containers for my many art/jewelry making items. So this year all I'll have to do is tidy up the art room...a big job for sur.

2. Clean- Anyone who knows me, knows that cleaning is not a fun activity for me. I LOVE a clean home but don't like to be the one cleaning. I find it a complete waste of my creative time. With that said, I typically set aside a few solid days to clan the house baseboards to windows. This year I will set aside News Years day for the start of this task....goes hand and hand with my organizing thing :)

3. Do something New- The start of the new year is a the perfect time to try something new. Last year I began running. Totally new for me. I also took a couple glass classes, one with Heather Trimlett and the other with Kim Edwards. I took a few painting class with Flora Bowley, and the other with Pauline Agnew. This year I will take some more glass classes but will also take blacksmithing and welding. I'm also going to get certified to teach yoga. I enjoy begin a student and learning new things?