Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dream Tool

I noticed this tool about 2 years ago and thought, "who would want or really need this?" Its expensive and I have lots of other ways to spend 175.00. This is how I thought until last June when I developed a bad case of tendonitis! 

Tendonitis is not fun. Last June, after a month long fundraiser where I had to make hearts, I developed tendonitis in my right forearm. I noticed that it hurt using my hand to open things, may arm swelled and I couldn't lift weights! My bout with tendonitis lasted the whole summer, into the fall and winter and would flair up anytime my elbow was even slightly bumped! It has taken almost a year for it to "heal"....thankfully I'm fine now...and thanks to my massage therapist, Gail!

With my June fundraiser approaching I'm thinking seriously about this tool...the Bead Releaser by Jim Moore No more  taking stubborn beads off manually.....this removes them with ease!! Go to Jim Moore's Bead tools to watch the video.........Yes, I will be purchasing this tool!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Lion

With the arrival of show applications and other signs of spring, its time I do some studio clean up and bead making. I am not a slave to cleaning so I will keep my organizing to a minimum and really spend most of my time bead making. I typically gather some things to sell so be watching.....I generally sell my orphan beads, glass rods and other goodies at great prices!

Last week I was in NYC for an art educator conference and made a stop at MOMA. This image by Rousseau is one of my favorites........really I have lots of favorites :) It made me think of March as a Lion and I've been the sleeping Gypsie........I've got to wake up and get busy! I'm just starting to think of jewelry ideas and display ideas too for upcoming shows.  I'm also dreaming up my next Open Studio event........Gosh, I do have lots to do.

As many of you know, I'm an art educator by day in a local school district. I'm going into my 17th year and have seen many changes.......Districts across the country are under hard times and ours is no different. The school I work at will consolidate with another school making our building next year a k-5th grade. I say GREAT! I look forward to teaching the older students. However, this consolidation means jobs cut, teacher shifting and room changes........needless to say, this atmosphere brings out the worst in people.  Paranoia to the extreme.

To keep mindful of all the wonderful things in life and to keep everything in perspective I feel the need to focus on what I am grateful for. So for the next week, my posts will be on the beautiful things in my life.

Today's beautiful things:
:: Waking up and hearing the birds chirping. I love listening to the birds and know that spring will be here soon.
:: Our warm comfortable home. Time spent at home is so relaxing and restful to me....filled with art and art making materials, my home is where my heart is.
:: Two loving little dogs that no matter what, will always love us. Kisses in the morning, tail wags, and snuggling.
:: A great cup of coffee and watching the sun rise. No matter what happens, the sun will rise each day!