Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dream Tool

I noticed this tool about 2 years ago and thought, "who would want or really need this?" Its expensive and I have lots of other ways to spend 175.00. This is how I thought until last June when I developed a bad case of tendonitis! 

Tendonitis is not fun. Last June, after a month long fundraiser where I had to make hearts, I developed tendonitis in my right forearm. I noticed that it hurt using my hand to open things, may arm swelled and I couldn't lift weights! My bout with tendonitis lasted the whole summer, into the fall and winter and would flair up anytime my elbow was even slightly bumped! It has taken almost a year for it to "heal"....thankfully I'm fine now...and thanks to my massage therapist, Gail!

With my June fundraiser approaching I'm thinking seriously about this tool...the Bead Releaser by Jim Moore No more  taking stubborn beads off manually.....this removes them with ease!! Go to Jim Moore's Bead tools to watch the video.........Yes, I will be purchasing this tool!!

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