Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rise & Shine!

Good Morning early risers! I've been up for a few hours now cleaning, treadmilling, knitting and having coffee. I love getting up early....but only after a great night sleep! We have a sleep number bed and its awesome...sleeping on a cloud :)

Last night I placed a large order for glass. I've been pushing myself to use colors that I don't normally gravitate least in glass. You see some glass colors just don't play well together. I've also been using up glass colors that I've liked but have drifted away from. Sometimes I have maybe 4 rods left of a color & I just let it hang around taking up space. But keeping with my "Over the summer clean out" I have really tried to use up what I have & not order glass until I absolutely need it. That little creative "push" helped me make some wonderful things but the time has come when more glass is needed!

I have a busy month ahead but then again what month isn't busy!? Along with Holiday events, I'm also planning a holiday "girls" party. I use to do this often but I just haven't done so in a number of years. So, I've purchased invitations and I'm writing them up...Linda's Tacky Gift Exchange will happen this year! Its a gift exchange & a cookie exchange....I never make christmas cookies...there isn't anyone to eat all of them...but I do like to have a nice plate of cookies for Christmas eve. Can't wait to get the party planning under way!

This morning I'm meeting my friend Lisa for coffee. Yes, I know, more coffee...but the coffee I made this morning was ruined. Never make Pumpkin Spice coffee and add Blueberry cobbler creamer....Not good. So, I look forward to Starbucks! Lisa and I have done good keeping in touch with each other.

Later today will be filled with bead making. I really haven't done lots as of late. My muse wants to do other things, so I have let her. I know that when I force things I usually feel Oh,hum about what I've produced. So I've been knitting! My cute dog sweater is coming along and I'm finishing a pair of felted clogs. They will be a gift so I need to keep at them to make sure I get them finished!

Let me know what YOUR working on...I love to hear from you :)Linda

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Muse At Play

I adore my two dogs....even when they drive me crazy with their naughty shinanigans. I've been knitting China, pictured here, a winter sweater. It's silly, I know. Winston will get a sweater too but I haven't decided on a style for him. Maybe a turtleneck. Believe me, I'm not over the top on dressing up the motive for knitting sweaters for them is to build up to the challenge of knitting a sweater for myself or Peter. However, I did get Halloween costumes for the two dogs....Winston is Frankenstein and China is a purple Bat.....I'll be taking a picture of them dresses up in just a few days!

My muse is every creative spirit, I need down time to re-juice my muse. I like to do "other" creative things such as painting, knitting, playing in the toy section at Archimage or Parkleigh or going to museums. Yoga, working out, cooking...all these activities get my mind "playing" and then my muse is happy....she begins to dream, invent & see things in new ways. Once she is fed a good dose of Play, my muse delights me with a gush of ideas. I've learned to wait. Not to push. I hope you will visit and see how my ideas are perculating! I've got things cooking!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Orthodontic Tune Up

I just returned from the orthodontist where I had my latest "tune up". Nothing to spectacular today just new, heavier wires and a broken bracket replaced.

About a month and a half ago I found what looked like a piece of glass in my mouth....I tried to figure how the heck a piece of glass got in my mouth but didn't have a clue. Two weeks after that one area of my elastic chain that was on my top front braces came loose so I went in for a fix. Before going in I told my husband that my theory about the suspected broken glass in my mouth was that it wasn't glass but part of my bracket....made sense to me. He thought I was nuts and said that I analyze things too much. Well, after that appointment I had to run home and tell Mr. Smartie Pants that I was right! My bracket had broke! Anyways.......I didn't have the bracket fixed at that time since she (my orthodontist) had other hair raising plans for my mouth but TODAY was my lucky day.....she replaced it and getting that bracket off wasn't a picnic. It kind of feels like they are twisting your tooth off. I told her that when all of these braces come off she best book me at the end of the day when the children have gone & I can swear if need be :)

I'm going to make a few beads tonight and then watch Dancing with the Stars. Who do you like? Who do you think might win?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gallery Pages

I'm working on re-doing my Gallery page on my website. Its not bad now, but I want to have something a little different. I don't know about you, but I sure get tired of seeing "old" things....Okay, I know that I have a hard time keeping up with Updates but the really old stuff I mean. Let me know what you think of this slide show....I'm thinking of something along this idea.

I made some stuff this weekend but I really took advantage of the nice weather & did "other" things. I know, I was going to indulge in some Art Therapy but the sunshine got me!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sugar skulls, birthdays & guests, Oh My!

Its been another busy week but I think things will be a bit calmer next week. I sure hope so anyways! Today will be my first day back making beads.....I'm looking forward to it.....a little art therapy does me good :)

one of my busy nights was in part taken up with mass sugar skull making. Yes, 125 sugar skulls is a large task for one busy person. The pay-off however was fantastic! The kids adore decorating them & learning how the children in Mexico can actually eat theirs! In the art room we decorate with glue, glitter, sequines...etc.. definitly not good stuff to eat. The art room is sooo quiet when everyone is concentrating on decorating their skulls. Nice.

Then on aonther evening, we took our neice, Shelby, out for her sweet 16th birthday. Not the best picture........this little camera doesn't work well in conditions that need light. She straightened her hair for a NEW look. Anything would look good on her but I like it best when her hair is la naturel....meaning wavy. We took her to Cheesecake Factory....everything was delicious of course.

We went out for dinner again the following night with Peters Mother & step Father. They live in Florida and were up for a visit. My camera card was full so I didn't bring it along that night. This time we ate across the street from Cheesecake Factory at another yummy resturant called Brio.

I won't bore you with the rest of the weeks "to do" activity list but you get the idea. I had every moment packed full of things I had to do at home or at work. So, I am REALLY looking forward to my bead making Saturday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adam is my yoga instructor....I will say, he is awesome. Nice, kind, sweet, cute.....and very bendy! He teaches yoga at Retreat House and Massage, so if you are looking for a yoga studio and a terrific have to see Adam. Hurry, once the words will be difficult getting into one of HIS classes.

I don't have much bead news to report since I have been out galivanting the last few evenings. I should be back at the torch tomorrow evening....Friday night for sure. Check out my Halloween stuff either on my site or at Parkleigh...things are going like hot cakes!

Enjoy your evening. Ta, Ta for now.....XXOO Linda

Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the winner is...............

And the winner is...........Marcia! My first "Little Treasure" give-away is off to a good home. Marcia, please e-mail me with your address so I can get that out to you. Look for another Little Treasure give-away at the end of the week.

These whimsically ugly faces are a hoot! I've been wearing them to school and the kids have called them Teakie Faces....cute. There is an artist out in California who makes faces similar to this....of course I asked how she would feel if I gave them a try too and she said....No problem. You can visit her site at I have one of her beads that I do treasure. My Picasso Face pendants will be at Parkleigh this week. I hope you will check them out.

This is one of my Halloween bracelets that I created this morning with the "left over" beads from yesterdays sale. A few of the beads glow in the dark. I would love to keep this one for myself but I know Parkleigh has been waiting for some of my Halloween things.....I have others too so get on your broom and head to Parkeigh! :)

Its chilly today so I plan on making soup for dinner....and apple crisp for dessert. The cool weather always puts me in the mood to cook. I hope you will enjoy your day happy, be nice!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My one vice is Massage. I get a massage once a month without just does my body good. I have my husband in that habit too. The great effects of massage last for a surprising long time after too. Gail is my friend and massage therapist. She has a fantastic place of business call Retreat House Massage here in Rochester. My mother was a massage therapist and Gail is second only to her with the right touch. I've been to many massage therapists and a good one is hard to come by. If you need to relax, de-stress or you just want to treat yourself nice....see Gail!

My Halloween open house was today. It is always hard having an open house in the fall. Those last nice days are hard to part with and many people like to work around the house preparing for the long winter ahead. So I didn't have a hugh crowd but it was great seeing those who could make it. Cider, candy and great beads! How can you beat that?! I'll have photos to put up tomorrow....I'm just to pooped to do it now.

My niece turns Sweet 16 later this week and Peter & I were just discussing when we would take her out for dinner. It is our tradition that we take just the "Birthday person" out on a special fun filled night.....we get to spoil them with attention. I'll be sure to bring the camera niece is a beautie but she has no clue as to how pretty she really is.

**Oh, I almost forgot. I'm pulling the Little Treasure winner in the morning. To pooped. Anyways, enjoy your crisp cool evening.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little Treasure FREEBIE!

Sue and I have just way to much fun together. She is the friend that I can go hiking with, wake early to watch the sunrise with or go to lectures with. Sue is my girl buddha....I go to her with questions or issues I need answers too....Sue is just a great person and a true blue friend. Anyways, I took this on our 6:00a.m., watch the sunrise walk this past Sunday. The last time I took a picture of Sue on one of our walks we were both being silly posing under this plant that looked like a gigantic queen ann's lace was the size of an umbrella! The next year we discovered it was a highly poisones plant called Hogsweed!!

I want to thank Marcia for the great article she sent me on my absolutely most favorite holiday...Days of the Dead. A photography professor at RIT documented this holiday & the people of Oaxaca, Mexico in a book titled, The Day of the Dead/ Dia de los Muertos. He will be holding a lecture and book signing at George Eastman House at 6:00pm on Nov. 1st and another one at Barnes & Noble (Pittsford) at 7:00pm on Nov. 10th. Gotta call Sue....its another lecture we can go to!!

Who's coming to my Halloween bead open house on Saturday?? I hope YOU come! I will of course be spotlighting my Halloween stuff but will also have information of class offerings & giftie ideas for the Holidays.

I discovered this lonely little vessel in my studio and I thought I should pass this little treasure onto a loving home. Yes, its FREE! All you have to do is e-mail me. I will be taking all responses to this FREE offering and putting them into a jar. I pull the winner on Saturday! Hope you'll send me an e-mail with "little treasure" in the subject line!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Book Club Night

I'm a little late in posting but I ran into some camera issues. All better now thanks to the husband! Here is a picture of was her turn to host book club. She's curled up on her new ultra suede loveseat....actually her whole living room had a makeover and Friday night was the big reveal! To us book worms at looked great!

Our book club has been going strong for nearly 12 years. At times we have been a large group of 8 but at the moment we are just the Fabulour Four! Here is Sue & Kathy enjoying coffee & cheesecake..........

I did get myself into a bit of trouble with the bookworms since I did not finish the book......actually I didn't get all that far into it at all. Page 76...thats all I read up to. I know that was pretty bad but there was just no time. Well I can redeem myself next time. Our next book is titled, Remainder, by Tom McCarthy. I should have no trouble finishing it. Our next meeting is Nov. 30th...our Holiday Gathering!!

Onto bead news.....I've been preparing for my Halloween bead open house this Saturday and I just dropped off a fairly large shipment to the Memorial Art Gallery. Its always busy around here.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cha, Cha, Changes.......

I decided to change my journal page to my blogger page....I hope you like the new look. I have a few other changes going on too, so please stay posted. I started my blog page in May and just couldn't decide if it would be something that I would use or not. I didn't do much with it at first but once I sat down and took the time to play around with it I discovered that I liked it. Adding photos, slideshows, video is very easy....just what I need.

I can't believe we are already in the month of October! Time goes by so fast. I will be dropping off work to the Memorial ARt Gallery tomorrow...and I'm preparing for my Halloween Bead Open House on Saturday the 13th. I have a long weekend and I should have plenty of time to make beads.

Tonight is book club. We are all gathering at Jean's for dinner. I can't wait. The book we have been reading is titled The Secret History. I have to say, I'm not done with it but I think its good so far. It wasn't one that grabbed me right off so it was hard to dig into it. So, that being said, I just dragged my heels about reading. Oh, well....its not the first time I've done that. I just can't force myself to read. I had to do plenty of that in college!

I hope you will check back in with me tomorrow. I have a special announcement that some of you might like to take part in!