Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adam is my yoga instructor....I will say, he is awesome. Nice, kind, sweet, cute.....and very bendy! He teaches yoga at Retreat House and Massage, so if you are looking for a yoga studio and a terrific have to see Adam. Hurry, once the words will be difficult getting into one of HIS classes.

I don't have much bead news to report since I have been out galivanting the last few evenings. I should be back at the torch tomorrow evening....Friday night for sure. Check out my Halloween stuff either on my site or at Parkleigh...things are going like hot cakes!

Enjoy your evening. Ta, Ta for now.....XXOO Linda


Cherry Runway said...

Holy Cow. He sure is bendy!

:) Linda said...

I love that picture. I'll have to ask him where that was taken but it looks like the background is the art museum.