Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rise & Shine!

Good Morning early risers! I've been up for a few hours now cleaning, treadmilling, knitting and having coffee. I love getting up early....but only after a great night sleep! We have a sleep number bed and its awesome...sleeping on a cloud :)

Last night I placed a large order for glass. I've been pushing myself to use colors that I don't normally gravitate least in glass. You see some glass colors just don't play well together. I've also been using up glass colors that I've liked but have drifted away from. Sometimes I have maybe 4 rods left of a color & I just let it hang around taking up space. But keeping with my "Over the summer clean out" I have really tried to use up what I have & not order glass until I absolutely need it. That little creative "push" helped me make some wonderful things but the time has come when more glass is needed!

I have a busy month ahead but then again what month isn't busy!? Along with Holiday events, I'm also planning a holiday "girls" party. I use to do this often but I just haven't done so in a number of years. So, I've purchased invitations and I'm writing them up...Linda's Tacky Gift Exchange will happen this year! Its a gift exchange & a cookie exchange....I never make christmas cookies...there isn't anyone to eat all of them...but I do like to have a nice plate of cookies for Christmas eve. Can't wait to get the party planning under way!

This morning I'm meeting my friend Lisa for coffee. Yes, I know, more coffee...but the coffee I made this morning was ruined. Never make Pumpkin Spice coffee and add Blueberry cobbler creamer....Not good. So, I look forward to Starbucks! Lisa and I have done good keeping in touch with each other.

Later today will be filled with bead making. I really haven't done lots as of late. My muse wants to do other things, so I have let her. I know that when I force things I usually feel Oh,hum about what I've produced. So I've been knitting! My cute dog sweater is coming along and I'm finishing a pair of felted clogs. They will be a gift so I need to keep at them to make sure I get them finished!

Let me know what YOUR working on...I love to hear from you :)Linda

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