Monday, October 22, 2007

Orthodontic Tune Up

I just returned from the orthodontist where I had my latest "tune up". Nothing to spectacular today just new, heavier wires and a broken bracket replaced.

About a month and a half ago I found what looked like a piece of glass in my mouth....I tried to figure how the heck a piece of glass got in my mouth but didn't have a clue. Two weeks after that one area of my elastic chain that was on my top front braces came loose so I went in for a fix. Before going in I told my husband that my theory about the suspected broken glass in my mouth was that it wasn't glass but part of my bracket....made sense to me. He thought I was nuts and said that I analyze things too much. Well, after that appointment I had to run home and tell Mr. Smartie Pants that I was right! My bracket had broke! Anyways.......I didn't have the bracket fixed at that time since she (my orthodontist) had other hair raising plans for my mouth but TODAY was my lucky day.....she replaced it and getting that bracket off wasn't a picnic. It kind of feels like they are twisting your tooth off. I told her that when all of these braces come off she best book me at the end of the day when the children have gone & I can swear if need be :)

I'm going to make a few beads tonight and then watch Dancing with the Stars. Who do you like? Who do you think might win?

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Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

I love the Halloween stuff in the focal bead catagory! Those witches are a hoot! Nice work!