Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Muse At Play

I adore my two dogs....even when they drive me crazy with their naughty shinanigans. I've been knitting China, pictured here, a winter sweater. It's silly, I know. Winston will get a sweater too but I haven't decided on a style for him. Maybe a turtleneck. Believe me, I'm not over the top on dressing up the motive for knitting sweaters for them is to build up to the challenge of knitting a sweater for myself or Peter. However, I did get Halloween costumes for the two dogs....Winston is Frankenstein and China is a purple Bat.....I'll be taking a picture of them dresses up in just a few days!

My muse is every creative spirit, I need down time to re-juice my muse. I like to do "other" creative things such as painting, knitting, playing in the toy section at Archimage or Parkleigh or going to museums. Yoga, working out, cooking...all these activities get my mind "playing" and then my muse is happy....she begins to dream, invent & see things in new ways. Once she is fed a good dose of Play, my muse delights me with a gush of ideas. I've learned to wait. Not to push. I hope you will visit and see how my ideas are perculating! I've got things cooking!

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