Friday, October 5, 2007

Cha, Cha, Changes.......

I decided to change my journal page to my blogger page....I hope you like the new look. I have a few other changes going on too, so please stay posted. I started my blog page in May and just couldn't decide if it would be something that I would use or not. I didn't do much with it at first but once I sat down and took the time to play around with it I discovered that I liked it. Adding photos, slideshows, video is very easy....just what I need.

I can't believe we are already in the month of October! Time goes by so fast. I will be dropping off work to the Memorial ARt Gallery tomorrow...and I'm preparing for my Halloween Bead Open House on Saturday the 13th. I have a long weekend and I should have plenty of time to make beads.

Tonight is book club. We are all gathering at Jean's for dinner. I can't wait. The book we have been reading is titled The Secret History. I have to say, I'm not done with it but I think its good so far. It wasn't one that grabbed me right off so it was hard to dig into it. So, that being said, I just dragged my heels about reading. Oh, well....its not the first time I've done that. I just can't force myself to read. I had to do plenty of that in college!

I hope you will check back in with me tomorrow. I have a special announcement that some of you might like to take part in!

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