Monday, September 24, 2007

Big open mouths, little teeth and bulging wacky eyes!

Yesterday I was thinking about my week ahead, this week, and I was getting very anxious about all that I had to do. Just feeling over-booked. So, tonight being my Yoga night, I've decided not go. Not because I don't love it but because out of all the things I HAVE to do this week, this was the one thing that I DIDNT have to do but like to do.....another words, I could afford to miss this. I might just regret this tomorrow however.

Yesterday I was completely disappointed in my photos that my hubby took. I felt ugly. Old. Did I say ugly? Well, in this ugly mood, I made some beads that spoke volumes....they are face beads that seem to scream, "Don't bug me, What are you looking at, or Stay away" They are Picasso like in appearance with big open mouths, little teeth, and bulging wacky eyes. They were inspired in part by Aardvark Glass Beads...and by yesterdays horrible self image. I'll be taking a photo of them to show you before they head off to shops.

Do you ever feel ugly??

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