Sunday, September 23, 2007

Say Cheese!

Yesturday I met with friends I hadn't seen in quite some time....we met up at the Cheesecake Factory! Wow. The Chocolate Tower dessert was giant....had to bring that home for the hubby.

Lisa and Amy are sisters, can't you tell??!, and they both are terrific friends. We were all very close about 10 years ago but then marrage, children and living in different counties made us loose touch. Same story for many people but friendship I've realized is much like a have to keep at it otherwise it goes bad. We've promised not to loose touch again. I know I'm going to keep my end of the bargin....good friends are hard to come by.

On the bead front; I've been making things to take to the Memorial Art Gallery for a new exhibit they will have up shortly. I have a bunch of stuff to drop off to them but my time this week is practically none existant. I hate being booked with things to do each night.....makes me cranky! I need FREETIME to do as I please....I hate being committed all the time.

Okay now onto something a bit crazy...I know its crazy but I sure felt this way. Have you ever felt hideous...terrible ugly where you just can't stand the sight of yourself?? Well, I have and that feeling was today. I really do hate photos of myself but I realize that they are a necessity at times. I need one that is 1/2 way decent in my mind to post places like my website. Peter took some pictures of me yesterday and I uploaded them today...YUCK!!!!! I couldn't find one good thing about myself. Then to top it off....this darn braces make my mouth look like it belongs to a puppet!!! Not funny. Serious case of the uglies. Why do I or anyone get that way sometimes?? I didn't even like my husband looking at me during dinner. So there. Its out. I hate the way I times......not all the time but definitly today!

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