Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Day with my Neice

During the summer my neice, Summer, will be spending Wednesday's with me. She is so fun and easy to be with that the day flies by. Today we went shopping, met Pete for lunch and then I showed her how to make earrings. It was her first time wrapping wire and although she found it challenging, she did a great job.

Here are a few Disk beads you'll find on my Bead page......I have them in my Etsy Shop too. The texture on these adds such interest. I'll be making earrings with some that I'll make for myself. Tomorrow is an earring day. I have a schedule for the next few weeks and I need to stick with it. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Tutorial and a Heart Wrap-Up

Check out my NEW Tutorial page! This is my first FREE tutorial (you'll find the Easy Breezy Tutorials in the right hand column) and I hope to have a few more up in coming months. I'd love to know what you think of it.

This is my last batch of Hearts for Hannah. I have two ladies coming by today to pick up a heart but I'd really like all of these to go today.

Its rather hard to see the glass ball here but its clear and is filled with sparkly glass sticks! I love the simplicity of this piece. Find it in my Etsy Shop!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Photos taken from the Back of the Bike

This was taken at a short stop we made on Canandaigua Lake yesterday. A beautiful day....humid however and not the best of hair days! Well, no day wearing a helmet is a good hair day anyways!

I liked the idea of this photo.......I think I'll try more like this.

A little sun glare in my eyes making me squint! The hair is on its way to the humid crazy curls! I should have taken one later in the day.........curly hair is nuts!

A few more Hearts for Hannah will be made today. I'm going to make my goal ladies and its all because of YOU!  For those who purchased a Heart for Hannah (or many) I send kisses and hugs to you!
 Its awesome to have kind, generous, thoughtful people in this world!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family, Friends and Hearts

Last night we had family over for a celebratory dinner in Peter's honor. He graduated in May with his second masters and is moving on in the Fall to the University of Rochester for his Phd. he loves school! The weather was a bit gloomy last night so there were no outdoor games but we had interesting conversation and a little drama inside. All good. Lots of fun.

Today we have plans with friends to ride the motorcycles around Canandaigua Lake. I love rides like this.....just seeing the sites. Later I'll be back at the torch to make more hearts. I'm really pretty close to my goal and I'm feeling like we can do it.......Here are the current the peace signs! Remember, email me with your selection and you can arrange a time to pick up your hearts (or have me mail it to you) today thru Wednesday. I would like to collect all money by end of Wednesday so I can present a nice check to Joining Hearts and Hands.

Thanks to all who have been so kind to have donated to this project already! Just this morning I noticed that the story of Hannah and the 4 girls made the news as a reminder of this horrile accident. Please don't text or talk on your cell phone while driving.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where are the Hearts?!

Well, the last few days have actually been crazy busy with the Hearts for Hannah. I had several people here today and I'm totally heartless! I will have more tomorrow however and will post early. Even a new design......hope it comes out good!

See you tomorrow! I have 10 more hearts to sell to beat my record!! I have until Wednesday to make it.....Hearts for Hannah for sale, come and get them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Schools Out for Summer!

This is just a snapshot of a day in my life as an art teacher. I miss these kids over the summer! 

Our dress as van Gogh Day........some interesting outfits for sure.

Our Scarecrow making was a blast! Not sure who had the better or them!!

So off I go to finish packing up my art room and a little paper work... vacation officially begins at 1:00! Then home for a little sun then some fun at the torch!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost the End....

My Hearts for Hannah donation month is almost at its close. This is my current post of new hearts and be looking for others on Friday and thru the weekend. There will be no more new hearts after Monday so I hope you see something you like in the next few posts and help us inch closer to our goal!

Email me quick with your choices if you don't want to be disappointed! Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elements of Art


Last Sunday, Sue and I went for a nice walk through Durand Eastman Park. Look at this great tree the texture here.

Such a different feel than the one above............isn't nature great?!

Although this isn't a tree, I'm sure you can detect my love of texture! This is over in my Etsy Shop with a few other items....go check out the textures!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beads For Sale & Other stuff

This is going to be my NEW link for when I have beads for sale! I've been taking an on-line art class called Experimental Art. Its really inspired me to revisit an old love of painting. Before beads there was painting and ceramics. I thought I'd use my painting and have it "work" for me by becoming a sign/ button here on my blog. You'll see it posted in the right hand column and you'll be able to click on it to see all the beads I currently have for sale! Sweet! I'm posting the sign today but no linking it yet....I have to get ready.

Earlier today I took my Dad to breakfast to celebrate Father's Day. It's nice getting a little time together....we both enjoyed ourselves.

I'm looking at the camera but not sure where my fathers eyes are No matter their age you just can't expect different!

Here is my latest batch of Hannah Hearts. I had alot of family obligations this weekend so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped for. Still waiting to get $$ for some that have been set aside but I think I'm doing okay.....I'm still hoping to reach my goal of 1000.00...that means I have to sell 50 hearts total!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Blue Artist

Hands of a student having fun exploring paint. Its great just setting out materials at centers & watch how they choose to experiment with it. Tory LOVES paint and is not bashful about getting involved!

I met artist Willie Cole a few years ago. He is an amazing artist and the lecture he gave gave us insight into his life, art and copying (I always like to hear perspectives on this).I purchased his book and asked him to sign it for me......he gave me a wonderful compliment about my eyes and wrote your "True Blue"...... compliments are treasured as you get older :) So the electric blue flower brought that memory back for me and caused me to make this bracelet. You will find it in my Etsy Shop.

I've posted more Hearts for Hannah found on the right hand column and below. See if there is one there that strikes your fancy, email me your choice or two and I'll let you know if you have first dibs on it. Its always good to have a second choice.....June is going by fast and I won't have hearts at this special price for much longer. How nice it would be to get one and know you've contributed to Hannah's memory and donated in her name to Joining Hearts and Hands.

Come on now......pick one.......or two................or three :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beading Happy

I've been working hard making Hearts for Hannah and things are beginning to pick up. I don't have all the $ collected yet since checks are being sent or people are planning on stopping over to pick hearts up but I'm doing okay. I still have a long way to reach my goal..........These hearts make great Graduation gifts!

I really don't like to have my picture taken. Most photographs of myself cause me to go into a great depression (not really...just being dramatic) or get really pissed at my husband for taking such a miserable photo (this part is true). These here aren't too bad....considering others I've seen. I just can't seem to ever get my crazy hair in control.......even a ponytail doesn't help!

Now go over to my Hearts for Hannah and pick something out. Just $20.00 per heart.......a great deal and a great cause. I'll have more to post tomorrow night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

An Artful Journey

It feels like I'm on a new road. A path. Making an artful journey. I'm currently taking 2 e-courses and looking forward to a 3rd in July. All relate to the artful life and cultivating your creative buisness. Very exciting.......learned loads so far!

I have new Hannah Hearts available too. I had a few people pick up a number of hearts but I'm still wondering if this will be as successful as last year. I'm such a goal oriented person that I'm really hoping my efforts pay off! I want to be able to give a nice check in Hannah's name to this great organization. So, come on everyone! Think gift giving, think birthdays, holidays, showers, graduations!! Everyone can use a heart :)

Isn't this a great color! Its vintage seeded glass (rather rare) with trails of silver. The fine silver cap just finished this amazing bead. I have a few Fine Silver Capped Hollow Beads in my Etsy shop ready for you now!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Hannah Hearts

Finally! I have more hearts to offer for my month of giving to Joining Hearts and Hands in memory of Hannah. Typically I do not post like this when new hearts are available (you can see the new batch of hearts every few days to the right) but since I have been delayed in getting these new ones made, I thought it would be best. I haven't sold many as of yet and am feeling a bit discouraged but I'm hoping that is due to my slow start in preparing hearts.

So please consider purchasing a heart for this special price of only $20.00. They will be your symbol of giving and a reminder of the love in your heart for those less fortunate. Please click on my Hearts for Hannah image to the right to learn about Hannah and the Joining Hearts and Hands organization.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

I got this post idea from Mallory who got it from Clare Grant who does a daily blog on just this topic. I like to end my week with my Beautiful Things post however I'm just a bit off since my last show. So I am choosing to do it today.

1. Being with children. I adore my day job as an art teacher. Spending time with children is magical to me. There love of life, simple things and uncomplicated nature is refreshing.

2. People watching. I love to people watch. We all are just so beautifully different! Today we took a long bike ride then stopped for breakfast in the village of Pittsford. Looking out thru the resturant window I saw this. Doesn't it look like a modern Norman Rockwell image? The people are a little hard to see in my phone photo but you get the idea....

3. Babies. The swans that make their spring nest by the pond I pass each day coming and going to work are teaching their babies all they need to know. They grow so fast and it just puts a smile on my face seeing them together as a family father at the lead, babies in the middle, mom at the end. I love nature.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artful Journaling

Journaling happens to be a favorite activity of mine. Over the years I have accumulated dozens of filled journals. My good friend Sue and I often joke that if I go first, she will take my journals for safe keeping. You know how it goes, your journal is the place where you keep your most inner thoughts and feelings.....these are sometimes things you would never say to someone since you know they would hurt them. I see journals as a therapy of sorts. A way to release positive or negetive thoughts and a place to start your day off right.

So here it is. My leather journal, my coffee and my breakfast. I love that journal but honestly, it was a gift from my husband (even he doesn't get to read my journal) and I've put off writing in it since its so nice. Typically, my journals are doodled upon, coffee stained and mangled. But.......I'm going forward and using this beautiful journal to begin my day.

Because I am taking "flying lessons" (see side bar for that info) my journal is working at helping me uncover new directions in my beadie business. I admit, I am not always dilegent in juggling all my business hats; website manager, blogger, facebook, twitter, etsy, shows, making stuff, promoting.....the list goes on and on.  Everyone has a busy life. But I really need to figure out my new direction and how I will navigate to success and fulfillment. I make a point of always being happy no matter what but I really want to figure out what my dreams really are and how to go about filling them.

Do you journal? Its a great thing and you should try it if you don't already. So, I must write now and dig deep to uncover what my dreams really are.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whack Your Head Wednesday

Solve the Right Problem

#35 "I'm not returning until you fix it", bandleader Count Basie told a club owner whose piano was always out of tune. A month later Basie got a call that everything was fine. When he returned, the piano was still out of tune. "You said you fixed it!" an irate Basie exclaimed. "I did," came the reply. "I had it painted." Are you solving the right problem? Is there a more significant one you're overlooking?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ribbon and dangly bits

I love ribbons. They flutter and spin and catch the eye.

Things that dangle beg to be touched. A blown glass ball filled with shimmery glass sticks and a silver plumb hang at just the right place.

The Mad Hatter's mixed up time piece and Alice's mysterious garden of delights.