Monday, June 28, 2010

Photos taken from the Back of the Bike

This was taken at a short stop we made on Canandaigua Lake yesterday. A beautiful day....humid however and not the best of hair days! Well, no day wearing a helmet is a good hair day anyways!

I liked the idea of this photo.......I think I'll try more like this.

A little sun glare in my eyes making me squint! The hair is on its way to the humid crazy curls! I should have taken one later in the day.........curly hair is nuts!

A few more Hearts for Hannah will be made today. I'm going to make my goal ladies and its all because of YOU!  For those who purchased a Heart for Hannah (or many) I send kisses and hugs to you!
 Its awesome to have kind, generous, thoughtful people in this world!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great idea taking a photo in the side mirror. You could create some really cool compositions that way!

Kerri said...

is that how cute your hair is AFTER the helmet?? if so, not crazy at all!