Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artful Journaling

Journaling happens to be a favorite activity of mine. Over the years I have accumulated dozens of filled journals. My good friend Sue and I often joke that if I go first, she will take my journals for safe keeping. You know how it goes, your journal is the place where you keep your most inner thoughts and feelings.....these are sometimes things you would never say to someone since you know they would hurt them. I see journals as a therapy of sorts. A way to release positive or negetive thoughts and a place to start your day off right.

So here it is. My leather journal, my coffee and my breakfast. I love that journal but honestly, it was a gift from my husband (even he doesn't get to read my journal) and I've put off writing in it since its so nice. Typically, my journals are doodled upon, coffee stained and mangled. But.......I'm going forward and using this beautiful journal to begin my day.

Because I am taking "flying lessons" (see side bar for that info) my journal is working at helping me uncover new directions in my beadie business. I admit, I am not always dilegent in juggling all my business hats; website manager, blogger, facebook, twitter, etsy, shows, making stuff, promoting.....the list goes on and on.  Everyone has a busy life. But I really need to figure out my new direction and how I will navigate to success and fulfillment. I make a point of always being happy no matter what but I really want to figure out what my dreams really are and how to go about filling them.

Do you journal? Its a great thing and you should try it if you don't already. So, I must write now and dig deep to uncover what my dreams really are.


Deb said...

I'm with you on everything you have said in this post. Personally, I've never been to good at journalling...but an e-course with Lisa Sonora Beam last year got me over the fear of where to start (& the fear of a blank page!)....& a decidedly interested in art journalling.

Of course since reading your blog post it seems that I have just signed up for a new!

I've always wanted Kelly Rae's book (shipping to here is often costlier than the book) - now I have the next best thing ;) Thanks Linda !!

Lee said...

Linda, have you read "The Artist Way" by Jill Cameron?
If not, I highly recommend it to you for a summer read.
I read it last summer, and it opened my eyes to many new things while confirming much I already knew.

Msartist said...

I started doing journaling about a little over a year ago. I just posted a journal linky for artists/writers to share what they have created on Sundays on my blog. Your more than welcome to that~ I am going to add you to my networked blogs and visit again. Now to look around. Have a creative week, Theresa via flying lessons