Monday, June 14, 2010

An Artful Journey

It feels like I'm on a new road. A path. Making an artful journey. I'm currently taking 2 e-courses and looking forward to a 3rd in July. All relate to the artful life and cultivating your creative buisness. Very exciting.......learned loads so far!

I have new Hannah Hearts available too. I had a few people pick up a number of hearts but I'm still wondering if this will be as successful as last year. I'm such a goal oriented person that I'm really hoping my efforts pay off! I want to be able to give a nice check in Hannah's name to this great organization. So, come on everyone! Think gift giving, think birthdays, holidays, showers, graduations!! Everyone can use a heart :)

Isn't this a great color! Its vintage seeded glass (rather rare) with trails of silver. The fine silver cap just finished this amazing bead. I have a few Fine Silver Capped Hollow Beads in my Etsy shop ready for you now!

1 comment:

Kerri said...

oh that turquoise bead is beautiful! i love to bead, so i'll have to check out your etsy shop! :)