Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Blue Artist

Hands of a student having fun exploring paint. Its great just setting out materials at centers & watch how they choose to experiment with it. Tory LOVES paint and is not bashful about getting involved!

I met artist Willie Cole a few years ago. He is an amazing artist and the lecture he gave gave us insight into his life, art and copying (I always like to hear perspectives on this).I purchased his book and asked him to sign it for me......he gave me a wonderful compliment about my eyes and wrote your "True Blue"...... compliments are treasured as you get older :) So the electric blue flower brought that memory back for me and caused me to make this bracelet. You will find it in my Etsy Shop.

I've posted more Hearts for Hannah found on the right hand column and below. See if there is one there that strikes your fancy, email me your choice or two and I'll let you know if you have first dibs on it. Its always good to have a second choice.....June is going by fast and I won't have hearts at this special price for much longer. How nice it would be to get one and know you've contributed to Hannah's memory and donated in her name to Joining Hearts and Hands.

Come on now......pick one.......or two................or three :)

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