Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family, Friends and Hearts

Last night we had family over for a celebratory dinner in Peter's honor. He graduated in May with his second masters and is moving on in the Fall to the University of Rochester for his Phd. he loves school! The weather was a bit gloomy last night so there were no outdoor games but we had interesting conversation and a little drama inside. All good. Lots of fun.

Today we have plans with friends to ride the motorcycles around Canandaigua Lake. I love rides like this.....just seeing the sites. Later I'll be back at the torch to make more hearts. I'm really pretty close to my goal and I'm feeling like we can do it.......Here are the current the peace signs! Remember, email me with your selection and you can arrange a time to pick up your hearts (or have me mail it to you) today thru Wednesday. I would like to collect all money by end of Wednesday so I can present a nice check to Joining Hearts and Hands.

Thanks to all who have been so kind to have donated to this project already! Just this morning I noticed that the story of Hannah and the 4 girls made the news as a reminder of this horrile accident. Please don't text or talk on your cell phone while driving.

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