Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come Paint with Me

Come fly, Come paint...........

: Paint an awesome Valentine for your sweetie.
: They will be so impressed with your talent.
: Don't worry. Its fun and easy!
: Art is fun
: ARt reduces stress
: There will be no mistakes, just Happy Accidents... I think Bob Ross said that?!
: Its the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
: Art is for cool people.
: Art adds years to your life.
: Art makes you beautiful.

Art making makes you fly...........come fly, come paint with me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bead Cuisine of the Day

As you can clearly see, my studio needs to be cleaned up a bit. Now, I'm not complaining....I don't mind a mess but it might just be edging towards the REAL messy side right now. BUT, I really want to make beads.....So, yes, cleaning will wait!

My mini personal challenge lately has been to use up the glass rods I currently have in stock. I do have lots but like most of us, I tend to stick with certain colors while others rarely get used. Yesterday I tended to use Dirty Martini, Hephalump, Firecracker Red (I love that color) and Gelly Pink....Red is a go to color for me but I had to use it! Can't show you what I did yet....must clean first and I'm considering etching some.

Today, I'm not certain what colors will be on my menu. Whatever I have a lot of and can work in red with will probably win out.....I need to think Valentine's Day.

Wednesday night a teacher friend and I took a Hearty Winter Soup cooking class at the area culinary center. What a great time we had. It was her first time there but not her last!

Every station made something different and afterwards you could try them all. I've taken a number of classes there and have loved each one.

Today is book club and some more bead making! Hope you do something fun too :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mobile Blogging!

Sitting at cam's pizza and writing this post to try the mobile version of blogger!

Now that I'm home.....I see that mobile blogging doesn't work great for photo's! Had to edit this to be a bit smaller. This picture was taken today in my "busy" a.k.a messy studio.

This too was taken today. I call it Death of a was one of those days.

Love Button

These are a few buttons I made yesterday that will soon become pins.....cleverly named Love Buttons :) 

A few hearts too.......what would Valentines Day be without hearts!?

The kiln is warming up and I'll be out in the studio today working on more things....a few off mandrel hearts, more love buttons and some other stuff....

We will be enjoying a weirdly warm winter day here today....close to 60 degrees! Nice but not getting to excited since it will be icy cold by weeks end!
Enjoy your day!