Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bead Cuisine of the Day

As you can clearly see, my studio needs to be cleaned up a bit. Now, I'm not complaining....I don't mind a mess but it might just be edging towards the REAL messy side right now. BUT, I really want to make beads.....So, yes, cleaning will wait!

My mini personal challenge lately has been to use up the glass rods I currently have in stock. I do have lots but like most of us, I tend to stick with certain colors while others rarely get used. Yesterday I tended to use Dirty Martini, Hephalump, Firecracker Red (I love that color) and Gelly Pink....Red is a go to color for me but I had to use it! Can't show you what I did yet....must clean first and I'm considering etching some.

Today, I'm not certain what colors will be on my menu. Whatever I have a lot of and can work in red with will probably win out.....I need to think Valentine's Day.

Wednesday night a teacher friend and I took a Hearty Winter Soup cooking class at the area culinary center. What a great time we had. It was her first time there but not her last!

Every station made something different and afterwards you could try them all. I've taken a number of classes there and have loved each one.

Today is book club and some more bead making! Hope you do something fun too :)

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Kathy Lancaster said...

This sounds like a really fun thing to do! How did you find out about it?

did this experience inspired any design of yours?