Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Hannah Hearts

Finally! I have more hearts to offer for my month of giving to Joining Hearts and Hands in memory of Hannah. Typically I do not post like this when new hearts are available (you can see the new batch of hearts every few days to the right) but since I have been delayed in getting these new ones made, I thought it would be best. I haven't sold many as of yet and am feeling a bit discouraged but I'm hoping that is due to my slow start in preparing hearts.

So please consider purchasing a heart for this special price of only $20.00. They will be your symbol of giving and a reminder of the love in your heart for those less fortunate. Please click on my Hearts for Hannah image to the right to learn about Hannah and the Joining Hearts and Hands organization.


Linda said...

Turquoise heart at the bottom with green wings is taken :)

Linda said...

The center heart is taken now too.

Grace said...

Angie's sister here - can I get the black one. Gracie

Linda said...

Great! Yes, Grace, I will set the black one aside for you. Angie has my address. If you would like to pick it up just contact me for a time. If not, add 3.25 for s&h
Thank you soo much!!

Kerri said...

oh, really cute also!!