Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Beautiful Things

I got this post idea from Mallory who got it from Clare Grant who does a daily blog on just this topic. I like to end my week with my Beautiful Things post however I'm just a bit off since my last show. So I am choosing to do it today.

1. Being with children. I adore my day job as an art teacher. Spending time with children is magical to me. There love of life, simple things and uncomplicated nature is refreshing.

2. People watching. I love to people watch. We all are just so beautifully different! Today we took a long bike ride then stopped for breakfast in the village of Pittsford. Looking out thru the resturant window I saw this. Doesn't it look like a modern Norman Rockwell image? The people are a little hard to see in my phone photo but you get the idea....

3. Babies. The swans that make their spring nest by the pond I pass each day coming and going to work are teaching their babies all they need to know. They grow so fast and it just puts a smile on my face seeing them together as a family father at the lead, babies in the middle, mom at the end. I love nature.

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