Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to to While Visiting Rochester!

For the next weeks leading up to our International Bead Society Convention I will be posting things to do while you visit. I think Rochester is a great place to live and has tons to offer. Yes, we get snow in the Winter but we enjoy all 4 seasons as they should be, Summer sun, Fall color changes, Winter snow, and Spring blooming. I hope you enjoy visiting & get a chance to see some of these "off beat trail" sorta spots.

Here are my first 5 things to do:

1.  Visit Wegmans our beloved grocery store and learn why Alec Baldwins mom won't be moving to California! You should go to a big Wegmans like Pittsford to really get the full feel. Wegmans Rocks!

2.  Go to Nick Tahoe's on Main Street in the city and experience a Garbage Plate. Others have tried to create their own version but Nick Tahoe's is the original.  Nick's use to be a real interesting place to see all sorts of people but it has mellowed over the years. Located in a rough part of town but worth it.

3.  Ride the Carousel at Charlotte Beach. The Dentzel Menagerie Carousel was hand carved by the Dentzel Co. in Pennsylvania and installed at the beach in 1905.

4. Walk along this "secret" sidewalk on Beach Avenue to see a beautiful view of the lake and see some gorgeous homes! Looks like you in the Hamptons but your in Rochester!!! This is a public sidewalk but you wouldn't know about it just passing by. Park near Clemetes Street and look for the walkway towards the lake....looks like your going on private property but you should see the side indicating public walk.

5. Stop for a drink or dinner at Pier 45. The outdoor seating is awesome and you can look across the water & see the Yacht Club....boaters and sailers always floating by.


Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Thank you for posting about Rochester. I look forward to checking out some of your ideas! (and seeing you!)

Karen Beth said...

I love that carousel! Its so vintage looking and brings back so many memories of being a little girl!