Friday, August 29, 2008

The Count Down Has Begun

I wasn't going to but I went in to school today to begin preparing my room for the school year ahead. YIKES. I'm not ready and my room isn't ready either. Loads of art supplies to unpack and put away, pictures to put up, and lesson plans to get prepared. The good thing is that I've been doing this for 13 going on 14 years and I know the ropes & what I need to do. After a few hours, the room began to come together ready for my wee friends to come create!! Its hard getting back to a structured schedule but after the first week, I'm back in the saddle.

As the fall approaches, so does my favorite holiday~ Halloween and Days of the Dead. Two totally different holidays. I just love halloween since you can dress up and become someone else. Cider, donuts and all those treats!! Love it!! Days of the Dead is really about remembering those who have passed on and to poke fun at death. Its really a wonderful holiday. Each year I have the second graders make sugar skulls, a traditional Mexican treat during this holiday. Soooooo, here are my Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull Beads.....I have bones in the kiln right now. I know these aren't for everyone but I LOVE them.

Today is the last day to post a comment & be entered into my surprise drawing!! If you left a comment everyday, your name is entered 5 times! I'll be pulling a name from my bowl tomorrow night.....I'll even include you if you post a comment tomorrow before I pull the name :)


Deb said...

It looks like you have your work cut out for you Linda!
I'll bet it is going to be a fabulous classroom when it is all set up though.

I'm loving the skulls. The Day of the Dead celebration is one that has always fascinated me.... we have a restaraunt here that has a full wall mosaic mural representing it. The resteraunt is worth a visit for that alone :o)

Meghan Norsen said...

Oh have all those boxes...I'll have a few. I haven't gone in yet and it is kind of creating an excited/nervous energy in me?!?! I will be there all day Tuesday...late into the night if I need to...I love works well with me;-}

rosebud101 said...

Those skulls are fabulous, Linda, like the rest of your work! I'm sure that your 2nd graders will have fun with the sugar skulls.

angelinabeadalina said...

How could a kid not have fun in a classroom set up by a fun artist like you? Bet they don't even realize how much they're learning. . .they just know they're having fun :)

P.S. The burst of color from the skulls is so festive, very cool