Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bunch of Hearts

A Bunch of Hearts
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Hmmmm, now I need to do something with these. Pendants, of course, but some may become part of necklaces. Do you have a fav??....I have mine. I like the one in the center...turquoise wings, double blue heart and dots.


Meghan Norsen said...

I love them!!!I call dibs on the black one with white swirls and red, blue and yellow one the bottom half.

Deb said...

OH WOW - more fabulous rays of sunshine Linda! How could anyone pick a single favorite.
Personally I'm swaying - I love the asymetrical one on the left with a different colour on each 'lobe' the black center with the green, turquoise & yellow dots - then again I adore the orange one directly across from it - there is something wonderful & fresh about the blue transparent wings & the toning flowers flowers (then again my favorite colour is orange - so I could be biased).

They're all scrumptious!!!

Linda said...

How cool is that! So far everyone has selected a different one! The hard part of working alone is that you only have your own personal point of view. I will sometimes have my husband put the beads in order of which ones he likes best to least.....I'm always surprised!

Anonymous said...

They are all so beautiful, but I love the lower right white heart with brown swirls and turquoise dots and celery wings!