Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breakfast at Dad's

Last week, Summer, my youngest neice sleptover (that was totally fun) and then the next day she spent the morning with "Poppy" -a.k.a my dad. Once she got there, Poppy made her breakfast........he makes THE BEST breakfast...no matter what he serves, its always delicious. After hearing about this great breakfast of eggs, toast, juice.....the typical morning stuff.....it reminded me of when I lived at home & all the times my dad made me breakfast on Sunday mornings. I needed a trip down memory lane So, this past Saturday I went over in the am for a wonderful breakfast on the bay! My dad is so sweet...he did everything vegetarian for me....he even got veggie bacon!

Well, the three of us, Dad, Bonnie (his wife) and I had a great time chatting, laughing and eating out on the deck that morning over looking the bay. They will be moving from there soon and we won't have that great view any longer :( But, they live primarily in Florida and that has plenty of great views to enjoy!

On a beadie note~ I'm frantically preparing for Sonnenberg this coming weekend. What else is new right?! All should be fine and then its time to get ready for Clothesline!!!

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