Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Exciting News is.....

As I mentioned, on Saturday night there was an artist party after the show. At 5:30 all the vendors strolled upto the mansion where a catered party was waiting for us. Wegmans, the supreme grocery store in our area, catered the event with new items they will be including at Tastings, their resturante, and on the food bars. A brewery and winery's were there also for those who drink. It was a wonderful ending to a very hot and long day.

Then the directory of the event spotlighted 5 "budding artists" as they were called....young people who displayed their work in a general Artist Tent.....The Arena Group is a group of artists who gather weekly and have showings....this is where the budding artists displayed their work. The director announced that each artist won a certificate & poster and one of them won a cash prize too. It was so nice for them.

Then came the awards for the vendors. During the day several judges came through the booths to look at work. You don't ever know what they are looking for exactly...meaning there is no published set of criteria for judging......You can assume its like any other art critique..... craftsmanship, design, composition and overall appeal. The names began to be read off and everyone clapped for the "winners". I just put a nice danty sized chocolate cupcake into my mouth (with blue frosting) when I heard MY NAME being called!! Whoo Hoooooooo.......I won!! I went up and recieved my blue ribbon, a certificate and a nice check!!! Do you think I had Peter take my picture?? No! Didn't even think of it....not to mention, I hate my picture being taken since I nearly always hate the result.
So there. That was my exciting news. Yesterday I made what seemed like dozens of hearts for my next show.....I really only ended up with a short dozen. Funny how they look one way going into the kiln and sometimes when they come out....well, your not so excited about them. More than half are "good ones" while a few will go to the bead grave where I will use them for other stuff.


Deb said...

WoW Linda - Huge congratulations on winning a prize.....although that is no huge suprise to me.

Having seen your beautiful pieces & even knowing that there was no set judging criteria, I'd have said it would be a given that you'd win anyway with your fabulous works.

Linda said...

Thanks Deb!! It felt so great to be recognized by people who are simply looking at the work itself! I can't tell you how surprized and elated I was/am.

Anonymous said...

Linda how fantastic and such an honor! Your work does stand out and is a great converstation piece to wear - people are always asking where did you purchase that?

Marcia B.

rosebud101 said...

Congratulations, Linda! That is absolutely wonderful! Your work is always fabulous! I love the bright colors! Congratulations!