Thursday, August 7, 2008

What to do with my Sunny Amphoras?

I've been creating these colorful, sunshiny amphoras as of late using mandrels I purchased from Tink Martin. Tink is known for her beautiful vessels and she uses a hollow mandrel to blow the forms much like a traditional glassblower. I had to teach myself how to master this hollow mandrel but I think I've gotten it down pretty well. I use to make my vessels using a different method but like this "new" one much better!

I'm working on making the stoppers to these little beauties and then I'll need to think of how I'm going to incorporate them into my jewelry. Could just end up being a simple solution but I might use one in a more elebaborate design......or I might just sell them as Sunny Amphoras and leave the designing up to you.

I'd love to hear your comments on these......

Last night our youngest niece, Summer, slept over. I picked her up early and we started our fun with making felted beads. I had some other kids over and taught them all how simple yet tricky the felted bead process is. They were actually very good at them. It was surprisingly quiet while the five of us were making our stash of beads. We were doing this in the backyard and some of the black felt blew into the grass.....Bella asked me if this was wool or some of my hair!! I thought that was the funniest thing!

After felting, Peter and I took Summer to paint pottery and then to dinner. We all picked out our thing we wanted to paint & then got right to work. Peter surprised me since his design was very free flowing and filled with detail. Very opposite of what I would have expected. I figured his design would have been very tight and controlled. But no, that was what mine was!! I guess we had a bit of role reversal there! Summer did a very cute little pig decorated with......Suns! I gave her no suggestions on that but its funny how that happens to be my "theme of the month" Sunny~ Sunshine!!

Well, enjoy the day! Looks like a mixed bag of sun and rain today.


rosebud101 said...

Those Sunny Amphoras are great! I love the bright colors that you use. As far as incorporating them into jewelry, how about a simple silk string or ribbon. The Amphoras would blaze in their glory with the simplicity of the setting!

Linda said...

I like that idea! Sometimes keeping it simple is the best thing.....I tend to go over board at times :)

I love and appreciate your suggestion/comments!! Thanks a bunch rosebud

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

I agree with rosebud... a simple silk ribbon would be fabulous with these beads! They are so lively and beautiful, they could be the whole design!

Sounds like you had a fun and creative time with your niece. What a nice Auntie you are!

Deb said...

Linda - I love these, bright & full of fun! Now, I'd probably do something completely different to what the others have suggested - as I think they should have very little competition colourwise. I'd love to see a larger guage silver ring through the handles & a doubled ball chain looped through those rings with smaller beads of the same colours that are in each Amphora randomly spaced around it... a simple almost semi industrial look with the odd 'pop' of continued colour.
I specified a ball chain as I feel the balls would mirror the shapes in the beads & by doing so not add any visual competition to the fabulous amphora's.

Linda said...

What great suggestions. I've been making more of these vessels......something about making them thats just so fun. I discovered one 'new to me" way of making stoppers and later today I think I'll give that a try.

I must agree with all of you. Something relatively simple would be best. Nothing that would compete with the vessel colors. Maybe I should do one with ribbons and one with the silver & ball chain. I certainly have a bunch to give it a try :)

Cindy~ you do great things with polymer clay!! Thanks again ladies.....your the best!