Saturday, February 26, 2011

Organic Style

Playing around with rather abstract shapes. Organic.

The front and back are each different.

Not so organic but I like the rounded edges and the "not so fussy" shape.

I've kinda got a thing for houses....probably influenced by my students. Childlike drawing is bad I'm a grown up and have to try extra hard to be like a kid.


Vickie Who? said...

I love how wildly colorful they are Linda!

Karen Beth said...

Love these! Such wonderful bright colors!

Linda said...

Hi Vicki and Karen! Thanks so much. I'm playing around with shape.....and I continue to love bright colors :)

belvedere beads said...

These are so dazzling - one would never guess how gray it is where we live by the colors in your beads. Well done, you've cheered me up!