Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Journaling- Day 1

Wow. The video part has taken much longer then I had anticipated but I DO have one to show. I have posted it on my facebook page and linked it here since Blogger was giving me a problem.... Thanks to my husband who helped me with the video and editing. He learns by reading, while I learn by doing.

 The title to my first journal page is, The Alphabet of Life-

The picture below is my finished page. I'm actually doing 2 is my "practice" book and the other is the one I use for my video or photographs. The text for this page is based on a sign I have on a wall in my living room titled, Alphabet of Life. It has great affirmations for each letter. I've used these and then added my own personal text too.

Here are the supplies that I used to make this page....I used stamps for the lettering and also for embellishing the background.

Here is the link to the newly started, Art Journaling Boot Camp flickr group.


mary said...

I went to the art store today to get a fresh journal. I got a regular spiral one for drawing, pen and ink- so it will probably buckle a bit if i do anything really wet, because it was that or a very textury watercolor paper book.What type of paper is in your journal?

Linda said...

I have one that mixed media and I got it at Michaels. The one you got will be okay too but your right that the paper will buckle a bit.....thats okay....I'll see about doing a page or more in my book that has thin sheets. There is a way to prepare your paper for wet materials.

rosebud101 said...

I did it! It looks pathetic, but it's done. I'll post tomorrow. Thanks for this challenge.