Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer Vacation Begins Today!

Today is my first official day of Summer Vacation. School is out! Although I do enjoy teaching art, I look forward to the next several weeks of R&R. Its not totally devoted to rest & relaxation....I mean, I do have those shows, shops and web orders to keep up with! Its all about the beads right now.

As you can see by the date of my first posting, I tend to drift away from my computer responsibilities. I make great efforts to keep pace but then something pops up and captures my full school we call this ADD....attention deficit disorder......a long time problem of mine. Well, I am refocusing once again and aim to keep at this thing. I'm trying to see what I like simple Journal page on my website or this Blogger spot. Hmmmmmm.

Today is a flippin hot one! It will be in the 90's they say. On my 5:30am walk this morning it was already in the high 70's.............I plan to bead this morning maybe up until 2:00 and then go to my Dads for a swim. I like to stick around home with the dogs since I want to make sure they are alright. After a long swim, I'll come back and work on painting my directors chairs, put some jewelry pieces together and then chill and read our latest book club book- Memories of Running.

Well, where ever you are~ enjoy the day! I'll be back tomorrow....Yeap, I will!

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