Monday, June 9, 2008

The Best Seat in the Studio!

My friend Lisa surprised me on Saturday & gave me this fantastic stool she painted. I LOVE it! I've known Lisa for many years now & she has always been a great artist. She does interior & faux painting & furniture painting too. If you are ever in need of fine painting work of this type...Lisa is your girl. I wish she had a website to direct you too...maybe soon.

One of my favorite parts of the stool is the seat. The wild paisley design is great. I played around with paisley beads before but never loved the results. But I think I'll try some paisley beads in these colors & see how I do this time around.

Its still hot and humid so I really don't feel like making beads. I did put together some earrings however....the machine must keep going. I'm calling them my MisMatched series. Neither earring matches but are a Fun, whimsical statement....very me but I'll have to see this festival season how many others like me are out there.


Deb said...

Hi Linda :o)
I love your blog! It's always such fun to discover a new blog - especially by another with the same inetersts in common. Keep up the wonderful effort - I shall look forward to future installments.

Linda said...

Hi Deb~
The more I read your profile, blog, etc...the more I find we are strangely similar. I too am 40 something. The kids at school keep me going and often inspire my next direction.
Can't wait to have you as my featured artist :)