Monday, November 29, 2010

Fa, la, la, la,,la,la,la

Isn't he cute? At my last show, a little 10 year old came to my booth and eagarly told me that she sold things too on Etsy.......of course, I asked if she could show me and she quickly pulled out a few felted animals. So adorable.......I purchased this fun little owl. I think she was a bit surprised by my purchase but I just thought she was adorable....the owl too.

These are called my "Me So Pretty" buttons. I LOVE them. I wanted to keep them but they are at a local bead shop and for sale....Head over the Bead Breakout if you want them.

A display in process. I am the featured artist at Bead Breakout for the month of December and January. When the owner told me I had "this" wall, I had to think fast as to how I might "hang" my work. I've never hung my work and was a bit nervous about it since glass doesn't really like to be displayed this way but I really kinda like how its working. The display isn't real full right now since I just finished a 3 day show but I will be in to stock things up once I have things ready.

So..........Happy Holidays everyone! Buy handmade & buy like this are always more unique and are American made!!!


rosebud101 said...

Bravo, Linda! Well said!

lucinda said...

i love that owl!
so great to see you! looking forward to catching up after the holidays.