Saturday, August 27, 2011

Good Morning Saturday!

Right now I'm sitting in my most favorite spot in our whole house drinking coffee and reading. Its my sky chair on our newly enclosed porch! Its quiet for once and I'm just enjoying the sun, the sky, and the peace. I feel that today is going to be a great day. Don't you feel like that sometimes? There is no particular reason for it, you just feel today will be great. I've got a few little things planned but nothing to spectacular. Just living simple.

One reason I'm just so happy is that I'm reading the latest issue of Artful Blogging and feeling very connected to what some of the bloggers are talking about. When I get a magazine the first thing I do is go thru it pretty quickly just looking at pictures and big things that jump out at me. Then I go thru it again and focus in on articles of interest. Funny but the first article of interest was the first one by blogger Kelli Murray. Loved the images and art and then loved what she was saying. I can't tell you how important it is to really take the time to learn about make connections you'd never thought you'd make. Once I read about her in Artful Blogging I found similarities in ideas and thoughts. Thats something you just can't do by only have to be able to ask or read more about that person to feel connected.

Here are a few other reasons I'm feeling happy today:
:: Heading to the market for tomatoes, cucumbers and berries. Planning on doing a bit of canning in the days ahead. This always reminds me of Fall....a favorite season.
:: Taking some time to read my book club book, My Fair Lazy. Its hard for me to sit still but today I'm dedicating some time just for that.
:: Studio time. Before the school year starts I like to cram as much beadmaking in as possible. I have Clothesline coming up as well as some other events and I need plenty of product.
:: A nice long walk or bike ride with my husband. He has been plenty busy this summer and we really have had limited time together. Simple things are often the best.
:: A little knit time. Oh, I love to knit but I don't often make time for it. With all the other things I've got going on, knitting takes the last seat on the bus. Today I feel like knitting too......I have plenty of projects to work on.

Hope you have a wonderfully happy day too!

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Cherry Chick said...

Happy Saturday! I'm sure it will be just as fabulous as you have planned it :-)