Monday, April 9, 2012

Just a Little This and That

Spring break is here and I've been enjoying time to myself. Its a stressful time at work and this week off has come along at a perfect time. Along with celebrating Easter with family, I've been able to do some well needed house cleaning and extended time at the torch too!

With no really plan as to what to make, I've been busy making this and that....buttons, skulls, and even a few lady bugs. Lady bugs and bee's were THE thing to make when I first started making glass beads years ago. I have a kindergarten students who wears the cutest lady bug dress so I think that is why lady bugs were something I decided to make.....who knows how or why something creeps into your head at times?!

So here is the little happy family of 3 that will soon be in my etsy shop!

Then of course my skulls. I've had a couple requests lately for skull so I figured I'd make some. These are a little larger than my typical ones...I started making them larger this fall.....this size looks great in necklaces! Yes, these will be in my etsy shop too.

Buttons! This is just one but I have a few large buttons going into my shop also. I use buttons in my jewelry but may people who buy my buttons use them to upcycle denim jackets, felted bags and on sweaters.......endless ideas!

So please check out my etsy shop later today and I'm sure to have some sweet things in there for you to purchase!

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Beadbug said...

I love love love your sugar skulls. They are the cutest ones I have ever seen.