Monday, November 9, 2009

City Nights & Display Windows

Great display windows are a favorite of mine. I remember growing up my mother would take my sister and I to New York City a few times a year and it was always the best of times. It would be a big family thing at Thanksgiving too since we would be taken out of school to make our annual trip. NYCity is so much fun that its hard to settle on just one memorable thing but the store windows really intreged me. Here in Rochester the display window is really a thing of the past....but I think stores are making a BIG mistake when they don't spend the extra time to create a beautiful atmosphere for passers by to peek at. Especially at night.

This is just one of 4 window displays at Arena's, a local city florist. They really are much more that a florist since they carry interesting things for the home too. On dismal days in the winter I love going into Arena's to smell the dirt and flowers and to imagine spring. They make some of the best store windows too but I'll be showing you more later this the night do you?


Alice said...

How fun it would be to see the window displays in New York City, especially at Christmas!

I agree the window displays are not what they used to be. But then with the ease of online purchasing, shopping is not what it used to be either. Kind of sad.

hotglassbabe said...

I remember fondly going with my mother to see the store windows in our town at Christmas as a young girl. I too, LOVE seeing decorative storefront windows especially during the holidays and its sad to see fewer stores decorating. Going to New York at Thanksgiving or Christmas is on my wish list!

rosebud101 said...

Our stores don't do display windows ever! I remember some of the ones from my childhood when every store had displays. I guess that's a thing of the past!

Anonymous said...

We saw very unique windows in Toronto a while back during the Holidays - I'll have to report back to you if they are still doing them.

Miss Prudence said...

I used to be a window dresser, so I truly understand you! It is lovely to think people do appreciate the work that goes into creating displays and not just interested in the items and their price. Sadly it is a dying art as most shops now do pre-fab designs and the props are purchased...sad.