Sunday, November 1, 2009

Juggling with a bad cough

This is the time of year I seem to always get sick. I think its because of a couple of things...the change of season, the fast pace of both my jobs, being with children & their germs all day long and all the classes I teach....I admit, this illness came maybe a wee bit later but its here!.

Today I'm feeling much better but remain to have a bit of a cough. Certainly not as tired nor am I coughing as much as last week. All of this is a good thing. I looked at my November calendar yesterday while resting and panic began to take over. I just have no time to be sick any longer! Events are creeping closer and I'm barely prepared. I tend to be a work under pressure person but its going to be a wild ride to get to where I need to be.

So. I have a work schedule and plan to keep to it.....the best that I can of course. Today I want to start simple so I will be making buttons. I hope to have a few dozen. Maybe....a few starts to some other things too if my energy holds up.

How do you juggle the pressure of deadlines when your sick?? I feel like I must be missing something.


rosebud101 said...

I go back to bed!

Jenn said...

Mmm...I don't handle deadlines and sickness. I can fake it through a week of sickness, but prolonged pushing only makes things worse in the long run. I've learned through the last few years that sometimes I just need to ratchet my expectations down a few notches. (Especially as I age...*snort*) I hope you feel better soon! If you can squeeze out a little time for resting, or find a way to pace yourself, I find that helps.

On the other hand...I'm loving your buttons!!! Uber-duber-cute!

Alice said...

Depending on how icky I feel, take turns doing a little work, then resting. Housework does not get done--I figure it can wait. And I try to ask for help from family members for things like school and church stuff so I don't have that pressure. I've learned to let things slide-but that's not easy for a person like me who wants it all done--and now.

Take care and drink lots of fluids to get rid of that cough. I like hot tea with honey and a little lemon juice.